Dolphin & Whale Communication 2.19.23

Theme – Self Love

Pure love is the radiant reflection of who we are as authentic Divine beings full of angelic light. With open heart and soul, love gives life within. Your rainbow spectrum of the light body illuminates our world with the vibrant colors as your beauty signature. Viewing your reflection from the ocean waters surface, the image of nature’s masterpiece mirrors your perfect creation. You are entirely up to you.

Focus on love to nurture, nourish, care for, and caress oneself in loving kindness.
Using love with discernment, intention and purpose allows for trust and truth to grow. This strengthens our ability to let go of fear, doubt, shame, guilt and self-judgement. Love is greater than fear and negativity. The potency of love’s power heals all things. The state of being in self-love is greatness, protection and freedom.

You are naturally grounded and rooted in love, as it is what you are made from.
Self-love is the conduit to Divinity. There is only one ultimate relationship and that is the relationship with you. It serves us to be in reverence, respect, admiration, consideration, appreciation and gratitude for the gift of life as self.

Rediscover true love inside and out to restore the blissful state of full body, mind and spiritual awareness. Renew, cultivate and transform into the loving being you already are. Empower with self-love in recognition of the true you…. the sacred you, as the best version of self. You are the beacon of loving light shining brightly in “All That Is.” Shimmer in your genuine grace and greatness.

Receive the sharing of the Dolphin and Whale love, as they are known as Angels of the Sea. Simply, be love and love. Color our world with your beauty.
Thank you, Dolphin and Whale Consciousness.

In LaKesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude

Comments and Reflections

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude!

When I received the Dolphins and Whales Meditation coloring invitation, the childhood essence arose in me and I felt an excitement that I had not felt in a long time. You could literally feel the gratitude emitted from the coloring page, so beautifully designed by Sicilia Of The Sun. 

I asked my grandchildren, DeMilo (age 7), Dash (age 6) and DeMiya (age 5) if they wanted to engage with the Dolphins and Whales and color while they rode along with the Dolphins and Whales. I could not believe the level of excitement that overcame them! While trying to keep them from coloring until the meditation started, to trying to find the Zoom link to join the meditation, I was not able to focus! Their excitement had just taken over!

This exercise not only allowed me to connect with my grandchildren at a deeper level, it also allowed me to reflect on the opportunity to be able to teach them about self-love, nurture them and feel wonderful excitement that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Thank you in so many ways, that have not been articulated in this paragraph!

In full gratitude for this experience!

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude,

Stephanie Of The Sun

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