Dolphin & Whale Communication 2.12.23

Suffering is man made and generated. It is created by one’s thinking, worry, fear, and actions. Suffering is self-sabotage and limiting. It goes against the grain of who we are as divine beings. The water magnifies the suffering emotion below the sea, above the sea, on land and throughout humanity.

There is suffering in the seas from the demineralization of the water, increased evaporation rate and the volumes of contaminants dumped into the waterways. This is harming and hurting the ecosystems of marine life. There is suffering of the dolphins being captured from their natural, wild habitats through methods called “drive fisheries.” It involves fisherman in motorized boats locating dolphin pods
and herding them towards the shore to trap them. They are then sold to aquariums, marine theme parks and swim with dolphin programs. Only 53% of them survive in the first three months of captivity from being exposed to stressful situations, human illness, chemicals in the tanks, confined space and food deprivation practices forcing dolphins to perform or starve.

Currently only four countries have banned dolphin tours….Chile, Costa Rica, Hungary and India. New Zealand has banned swimming with the dolphins. Canada has banned keeping dolphins in captivity. This is according to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. Non-participation and refusing to support the profit of dolphin entertainment will help alleviate their suffering.

Human suffering stems from our choices either contribute to suffering or relieve our suffering through our thoughts, words and deeds. Aligning with truth and gratitude fosters contentment and peacefulness. This replaces suffering with happiness and joy to enjoy pleasure and satisfaction. The nature of dolphins is joy. Let us learn and experience their ability to stay present to positive and uplifting states of being.

Anchor into the flow of ease and grace.

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