Dolphin & Whale Communication 2.5.23

Relaxation.  Being in water is hydrating. The water’s molecular structure provides oxygen to be absorbed through our skin.  The pressure from being immersed in the water helps with this oxygen exchange. The current levels of atmospheric oxygen we breathe in is diminishing. This results in lower oxygen in our bodies creating irritability, stress and tension.  Constriction and deflation of our energy fields increases from our lack of oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for relaxation. One must be relaxed and oxygenated in order to be buoyant. Relaxation is our natural state of being and allows for a rise in our frequency and vibration. Being in relaxation and stillness empowers our body, mind, and spirit and influences our performance and elevation.  By increasing our depth of breath and being in water daily, the increase in oxygen fuels our power centers. The oxygen relaxes us by supplying our cells, tissues, muscles and organs with the nourishment from life respiration.  Our respiration creates waves of atmospheric pattern currents. The oxygen bubbles that surround us assist in developing a relaxed , graceful movement into vitality and joy.  Relaxation eases us into oneness. 

Relax ~ Breathe ~ Thrive  ~ Be Alive

In La Kesh & Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude

Dolphin & Whale consciousness

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