Earth pt.2

Earth pt.2

* This is blog post is a transcription of the live Earth pt.2 class.

We are happy to have you here!

We hope that you are holding your Earth. We hope that you have apprehended some Earth and that you have it in your hand. We’d like you to keep it in your hand for the entirety of our experience.

Hold the Earth and feel the life pulsating with conscious, intelligent energy. Hold it in your left hand. Close your eyes for a moment, and feel the Earth communicate with you. The Earth is conscious. You are able to interface with it. It is not always the way you think it should be. It may be that single thought or word.

Feel the Earth. The Earth gives its power selflessly to all of life as its contribution to life itself. This support is deliberate. It is motivating. It is an extension of the life force, to rectify, to bring to order, to maintain harmony as life. It satisfies its own justification. This is an example for humanity.

Our own human being-ness has been brought forth through selflessness. The profit gains or the advantage is relevant in selflessness, however the currency is elevation, understanding, and your ticket to participate at a higher level of universal consciousness. It is already built into the equation. The law is what is given is returned. All is already considered. Everyone wins, the cycle is complete. There are no loose ends, no dangling eventualities. No one owes anyone anything. Selflessness does not contain enslavement. All acts may arise from the purity of love and selflessness. 

We live on the cusp of a trajectory of ascendency from the tragic remains of selfish, deceitful occupation and the hoarding of energy and resources, of personal glory without regard for our planet. The selflessness that is built into the Divine terra firma has been succeeded and impeded by the short-sighted disruption of the natural rhythm and flow of energy. With impatient implication of immature technologies that directly precipitate distortion in the earth’s systems, things like fracking, cellphones, genetically modified foods, medical pharmaceuticals, cloning, the list is long and unfortunate. And the result of equally catastrophic and unforeseen events, the largest of which is the adaptation by humans of selfish destruction to satisfy their own fantasies of becoming strong by subjugating and making someone else weaker. 

The earth gives us everything. The earth touches all living systems, from cloud to cave, and communicates with the cosmos at the speed of light. Creation of our bodies and all earthly bodies as the fuel to power, arises as a result of conscious collaboration, free-will agreement and the law which is love. Love is the Law. This is power giving power to make all powerful. True power is extended and apprehended in this law. There is no life so small, there is no life so unimportant that this law or love does not apply. Feel the life-pulsing power of the earth within your hand as you hold the literal earth in its holographic reality that in every gram of it, is all of it, is all of us, is all of everything. This principle applies universally. 

This is the same consciousness that pushes the tiny, slender, baby green blade of grass victoriously and powerfully through the hard one-half inch thick cement that has been designed to withstand 3,500 pounds per square inch of pressure. And we have all seen that little blade of grass break through. The earth’s priority is life. The power and energy come from the earth. We can call this forward in this realm with the imprint of love. 

The element of earth, as law, performs in principles of decomposition, which is expire, preserving, which is transpire, and constructive, which is inspire. Earths attribute is one of solidification and cohesion. It keeps everything together and represents the entire body and keeps all of the bones and flesh developing and preserving. Earth in the body is in its active form as stimulating, strengthening, and constructive. When it is absent in the body, it is in its opposite form. We know this as disease, an illness and sickness.

The earth contains air, and we have talked about air. The earth contains fire, and we have talked about fire and water in giving concrete form to all of these things as earth. So this is air, as earth, fire as earth, and water as earth because earth is all of that, and so are we. These elements are part of the great gear with spokes that engage with each other and work independently. From this limited solid, has come space, time, measure and weight. As it is our reference point from which we can calculate. Without it, we have no reference. If there is no earth there is no time. If there is no earth there is no measure. It is the point at which we may measure, it is the earth. 

Earth is electromagnetic. Its elements are active. The living earth maintains and produces free, unbounded, unceasing, and renewable, replenishable energy as an untapped potential that our world is not taking advantage of. We are made of the actual contents of the earth. It is true that we are dust and to dust we will return. Humanity lives on the earths living skin as a microcosmic life lives upon our own skin. We think very little of this. We think very little of what goes on under our feet, on the earth. Or what tiny things crawl upon our own surfaces. 

When we join with the earth we sink into the earths oscillations that regulate our biological clocks and our hormone secretion. We stabilize. All body systems align. We are strengthened on all levels, body function, spiritual protection and mental clarity. This is called grounding. This is a way to clear yourself. The earth has always been available for this. In western world, it has recently been discovered but ancient man knew how to ground, they slept on the ground and many people in the world still sleep on the ground to great benefit to them. It reduces your pain. Walking barefoot outside or sitting, or working or sleeping on the ground or grounded indoors connected to a conductive system that transfers the earths electrical potential to stabilize the bioelectrical currents in our environment is good for all of us. It’s good for all of our organs, all of our tissues, all of our cells, just by being in touch directly, indirectly or in your imagination. Equilibrium and regulation of all the physical principles are within the law of In La’Kesh with you and the earth. You are the earth. We are strengthened when we are one with the earth. 

But there is more. The minerals within the earth and within our body fortify all immune systems and bring layers of protection to the body, mind and spirit by providing the electrical power to the physical system to fight off mental, physical and spiritual attacks and heal or repair itself. This is why the earth elements represents one, the unification of all elements, the living conscious of the earth principle, egoism, the instinct of self-preservation, and number three, propagation. 

The ego, which is represented by the earth, actually supports self-esteem, sense of worth, and self-respect. As earth supports all that it touches, and forms and feeds all life, this is its contribution that it may have self-esteem, sense of worth and self-respect. Earth knows that it gives, it sees its own value, it is the truth. The undeniable integrity gives us all stability at the deepest levels. This is why we feel stronger after being outdoors, walking barefoot or sleeping on the ground. This has been the aspect of inspiration. This is our model. May everyone who comes in contact with us becomes stronger. May everyone become better. May everything become more of what it is by being in contact with us because we are earth too. 

Self-preservation is another aspect. The earth’s adaptability to work with conditions and situations that arise and to successfully navigate new strategies, supports all life. The earth uses all available information and all other elemental systems to create sustainable survival outcomes when confronted with constructive forces. To us, it looks like storms or tidal waves, tornados or hurricanes, volcanoes or floods, but what is happening is they are all responding to the need for healing and clearing. This is the aspect of expire. This is our model. When we become overwhelmed we need to clear. What that means is for those of you who are trained, you may clear externally. Those of you who don’t have that training or are not interested may clear internally. As you clear, this is the model of the universe, this is the model of what we are made from. This is how we maintain our balance. This is how we can stay within the framework of what we should be. Propagation, the directive, is to advance life. That is to transpire. We need to advance life. That means we may have children or we may support children. We may support others. We may make sure that others may be free to live. We may do this in a million different ways. 

The earth’s prime principle is omnipotent or In La’Kesh. It is immortality. It transcends corporal reality and consequently the truth of eternity. It is the same holographic law of the universe in each of us. There is only life, and more life and life after life, and life after death. There is nothing else. This is immortality. This is what everyone seeks but we already have. Everyone is running to try and become immortal, but everyone is immortal.

The earth is now speaking, this is what the earth has said to share with you tonight, “I cooperate with all that lives upon my back. My energy is available to all life. I am one with life. I am informed from the cosmos through the neutrinos at the speed of light and beyond. My consciousness extends beyond this planet, the galactic center in the larger multiverse. I am part of all that is and have awareness of more than my third dimensional physical experience. The power of life is with me and touches me, as me. I hear your music, I feel your emotions, I understand your thoughts and what is taking place on my body. I remember the negative of the ages. Join with me. Be healed with my frequencies. Sleep upon me. Reconnect to the power from which you have come. You now are living in the law of the reciprocal. The primal law of cause and effect, and its effect has speeded up. The results of actions return faster now. Earth. “

Give as the earth gives so that you may be counted among those that see the successful results of our actions in our own life equation. It is love that grows the flowers. It is the principle of love that brings forth new life. For the proper information to be given in sequence as the blueprint for correct development it is the selfless willingness to give that returns to you more power to give. It is the quickening that you feel when you tune into the earth. Feel your earth that you have in your hand. The living, pulsating power is reestablishing the authentic components to produce sustenance for strength, nourishment, support for the innocent and the wisdom of right action. 

The noble earth feeds all from the bottom of the ocean, that which is in between, that which touches the sky. However, it is not cherished or revered as our benefactor. All is taken without thanks or respect or cognizance that is given in love as choice. From the knowingness that we are of the earth, it is impossible to repay the earth for that it has given. However, it is irresponsible to disregard the equations that equal gratitude. Our disconnection from the consciousness of the element of earth has resulted in spiritual constipation. We are slow to see the truth, not able to move into solutions. We are stuck in the past with emotional diarrhea. We have lost our strength. It is unchecked and uncomfortable in our releasing with mental arthritis, old information, a lack of mental agility, painful to move forward.

Human contributions to the earth and all of its occupants have been reduced to equal a toxic bulldozer, concrete in a bad attitude that urges agony and chaos upon others for selfish aims. The law is the Truth must come that we call. The truth must appear if we call for it. What we have called for has been. The law is the truth, what is given is returned. What we have given is now being returned to us. The law is selflessness. What we see is ego-distortion and it equals selfishness. Veritas is Truth and it is the universal remedy. Truth depends upon the cognizance of each individual, the existence of life, and the will and the intellect, the ability to differentiate knowledge and wisdom, which belongs to truth. Wisdom does not depend upon intellect or memory, but upon maturity, and purity and perfection of the personality of the individual. Wisdom is the state of development of the I. One’s level of development of knowledge and wisdom go together. This is the cognizance of truth. This is the remedy. 

The universe, frequency, is measuring the living consciousness alive and available to all of us. We have all experienced direct perception, an understanding of knowing, a level of clarity that surrounds us as an ever presence and when apprehended is responsible for progress in our lives, and proliferation and has moved us forward to prosper. This is the intelligence that we perceive as intuition, which has suffered from being devalued in the extreme. How many times have you said you feel or understand something and someone subtracts it from you because they can’t see it, because they didn’t feel it, because they can’t apprehend anything but their own thoughts. This idea of intuition and its suffering from being devalued is extreme in our world. We must develop the ear for the subtle feelings, the senses that allow for correct relationship with the earth and the greater cosmos. This is the pre-requisite for whole health, for this is the fundamental communicative language of all of nature and creation. It is inherent, it is vibrational tone which all of us can feel and understand because we are the earth, we are the universe.  But we have ideas and fantasies about how it should be. We think it’s going to be like television and it’s probably not.

This understanding, this ability to intone, to apprehend, is part of all of creation. It is not possible for you to be creation and not experience it, but you can deny it until you don’t have it. You can deny yourself out of it. This is the fundamental language of all things, whether you’re talking to a butterfly or a roach, or a tree or the earth. You must get quiet, open the lines of communication, begin to listen, know that you can. When you listen, stop talking mentally. If you’re talking, you can’t hear what’s being said. From this place, you can develop a posture that allows interaction with everything else. Pay attention. Note what you are perceiving, whatever it is, without judgment, without question, without degrading it or degrading someone else who’s having that experience. Appreciate it for its quality and then you will have more. Allow yourself to be amazed. Allow yourself to be humbled. You don’t know everything. Be humbled by what you don’t know. You are in your rightful place as one who is luminous, a sentient being. You were conceived and manifested and expressed and communed through the fundamental principles of relationship and the law of reciprocal. The law that is all laws. These laws belong to you as they belong to the rest of the universe. Call for your own divinity.

Call it forth. Step into generosity. You are also a co-creator with the power and the responsibility and all that that entails. 

We encourage you to sleep upon the earth. Sometimes linger with her magnanimous love. Feel the pulse of life that is in your body and is in the mother’s body. Feel the force of life rising through you, into your organs, and pulsing through your veins. Realize that you are the star stuff and feel the vital essence of all creation emerging through the deep space, before, around and within you. 
This is expire, inspire, and transpire. Now inhale and exhale. Be a part of the cycles of nature, part of the rhythm of life. 

I am taking in all of the elements of consciousness at every moment and exhaling them in the next in conscious, reciprocal relationship with every moment of my life. 

In La’Kesh and Veritas
With Honor, Respect & Gratitude

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