Air pt.2

Air pt.2

* This blog post is a transcription of the live Air pt.2 class.

​We are discussing air, for the second time.

Every month we will be going into great depth to discuss what is going on with nature, the elements, and who we are, and how this applies to us; what we should understand about these things that are never spoken about to us.

Are you ready? We will begin with a very short meditation, to put you in the right elevation for the talk.  So, if you will prepare yourself to be quieted. This is very short, it is less than 12 minutes and I recommend that all of you who visit the monthly talks or get them online, that you spend 30 days in each talk and meditation every morning and then archive it, because each time, in four or five more months, we will come back to it and expand your information about it. So, if we’re ready.

Relax. Air Solution. Come here each day, every 24-hour cycle, meditate and become quiet with the living consciousness of air.

Our language is directly connected to the truth. It is instigated from our own DNA. The truth is hidden within plain sight within the words. The word breathing spells, eat things, which speaks to the true reality that air is an essential, living, conscious, nutrient, to take in, to eat, to give us strength and vitality. Not only in the physical oxygenation process, of the muscles, organs, blood, and tissue. Not only the mental interface with the brain and the connection to the universe through the endocrine system.  Also, the spirit within.  The spirit receives the aspects to adhere to the plan while in the body. Just knowing this, allows us to ride the air upon the breath to places never experienced before.

To begin, to take in more of life, more deeply. To bring in the oxygen to our tissues and fill with the inhalation of air and its direct benefit to enliven our blood and clean. As we inhale, there is a restful pulling to growth, an expansion and then a holding to a level of fullness and satisfaction and then an exhalation, the experience of freedom, of letting go, of pushing ever so gently, yet with precision to reach the moment of relaxation, the moment that allows us to enter the next cycle.

So, we can inhale the oxygen to clear and clean our organs, to pull to growth and expansion and then hold to the level of fullness and then the exhalation, the experience of freedom of letting go, of pushing just the right amount, to receive the moment of relaxation that enters the next cycle where we can inhale and fill our lungs, to the gentle pulling of growth and expansion. And then the holding to the perfect level of fullness and satisfaction and then the exhalation, the experience of the freedom to reach the moment of relaxation, the moment that enters the next cycle.

And then we breathe again, only this time, we breathe into our pores of our skin. We open the pores and pull to growth, to expansion, to the holding of level of fullness and satisfaction. And then the exhalation, the experience of freedom, of letting go, of reaching the moment of relaxation before we enter the next cycle, then we breathe into our entire system, the rejuvenation, the pulling to growth, the expansion and then the holding to the level of full satisfaction. And then the exhalation, the experience of freedom of letting go and pushing ever so gently and yet precisely to reach the moment of pure relaxation, the moment that allows us to enter the next cycle.

Then we breathe again. This time we breathe in the spirit that lifts us towards elevation, pulling to growth and expansion, the inhalation of holding the level of fullness and satisfaction, until we reach the point of exhalation, the experience of freedom, letting go, the relaxation, and then the next cycle.

There is within this electron exchange, a cosmic explosion, a moment of creation, an opportunity to create something new with the air consciousness.

Let us bring our attention to our own breath. Our breathing reflects our emotions, and the mental landscape that reflects our internal discipline, which affects our external world. So now, we will inhale the breath of pleasantness and exhale the irritations. Shall we inhale the breath of vitality and exhale the malaise and the depressed thoughts. Shall we inhale well-being and exhale the anxiety and fear.

Within the respiration, we are, as the word would say, re-spirited or re-spirit-ation, to achieve the inspiration. So, we respirate, to re-spirit-ate, to achieve inspiration to break the looped pattern of humanity that is destroying itself, in all aspects of itself, through the pollution of the air, through the pollution of the children, through the pollution of the land and the trees.  

Breathe in the new thought and the power to break through to a higher level of thinking, to the thoughts that call-to-action self-preservation. The thoughts that collapse the old toxic patterns of suicide, of self and planet. We have a choice. Breathe in the possibility of freedom and the responsibility that that brings with it. Breathe in the thoughts of flexibility and support of all of life, which is your life. Breathe in and call forward the new idea that we are one with the air and all of nature. Breathe in and call for your awakening. Awaken within the understanding that we have a choice. Breathe in the freedom that exists or just the apprehension of it. We do not need to be paralyzed with the fear of life. Breathe in free choice and freedom. We are in fact the blowers of our own wind, of our own destiny. We can choose freedom. Breathe.

In La’Kesh and Veritas

This is a meditation that just at 12 minutes, if you could do it each day, it will bring you to a new level of frequency, as you breathe in the creative energy and think the thoughts that are being set. This is a game changer, if you choose to do it.

Today we talk about air for the second time. Four months ago, I spoke about air, when I was in Chicago. For those of you who have not heard that, that is on the YouTube channel. That class is on the LaOta OfTheSun YouTube channel.

Air is considered to be just dead combinations of nonliving gases: 78.9% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide and small amounts of other gases and variable amounts of water vapor on the average about 1%. A random comingling that accidentally turns the key in the ignition of breath for all of us. OK, so it is not dead, it is not random, it is not an accident.  Without oxygen, the animals and the people would die. Without carbon dioxide, plants cannot survive. Air is the transportation, the delivery system in the mortal evidence for humanity and its dishonorable, painful, primitive, technological tryouts and planetary disasters with fossil fuels, oil spills, wildfires, cars, nuclear power plants, pesticides, electronic waste, smog, the hydrogen bomb, the atomic bomb, agent orange. These are, to name a few, of the low lights in our dark age. The prevailing worldview is resistant, arthritic, even calcified, in its lack of willingness to acknowledge or give validity to the awareness of the invisible and the unseen in our world. It is the unseen air, the spiritual delivery system, through which life itself is carried. Think for a moment, wherever you are it is permeated with air. It is completely filled, it would be, you would have to plan to get away from it. You would have to do extraordinary things. It is life and we are unaware, we don’t ever even consider it.

So, may I introduce you to air? This is air: intangible, transit, insubstantial, elusive, evasive and the universal invisible presence of divine life, to be life, to infuse into living consciousness the power of life. Air is all pervasive, upholding the inescapable, ever encompassing thrust to live. Did you feel it? Air is the reason for breath. In its natural state, we cannot touch, feel, or smell the air. It surrounds us as an unseen, nonphysical, physical sign of the unseen power of the divine.

Our conscious bodies are established in truth and will not obey the command, no matter how emphatic, to stop breathing. You can hold your breath, and hope you turn blue. But it is likely that your body will not agree with you, to stop breathing, taking in the life-giving air. The body becomes, when you give it that command, so discombobulated at the request in many cases it faints first as it’s like: ‘how can I do that when my prime directive is to live? I know you’re in charge, but I just can’t compute all this.’ So, it will, in many cases, you will faint first or just give up trying to enforce the edict to refuse air. The authority from which the prime directive comes to the body, cannot be overruled by us or our body. We cannot stop or will ourselves to disobey the law to live in that way, by holding our breath. Most of us cannot hold our breath for more than about 80 seconds.

Our bodies do serve us and obey us faithfully, however, as it relates to breathing air, we cannot override the program to breathe, to breathe in air. The impulse to end our breath must develop into a premeditated act and be so confirmed by our will that it is the only way it may be satisfied. You have to go do something to yourself or arrange something or think about it. You can’t impulsively stop breathing by request, although our bodies are obedient.

The trees are part of this discussion because they are the life form that brought about the selfless contribution to life here on earth, And they are still here preparing highly efficient and effective, productive, and wonderful delivery system for clean air for all of those on the planet to breathe. It has been greatly hampered by the relentless and savage killing of the forest and the tree populations. Half of the oxygen on our planet is released into the water, as phytoplankton. The other half is produced as photosynthesis on land by trees and plant life. All of it is in danger. The wanton and criminal acts against the universe, or the law to live, is what is taking place. Air is the most elementary prerequisite for life to be. There is no life without air. Air’s relevance cannot be overstated.

We are diminished and made less by our blindness and our determined efforts to unsee the clear and evident reality that is crucial to our own lives and all life on the planet. Let us rally the desire to protect and respect the air. Let us be the ones who do it. The air is sentient, the air is divine. It is a life form, and has locked within it, knowledge of layers and levels of power to offer those who seek the truth. We may call upon the power and the protection possible for one who is in appropriate relationship with the air.

Air has purpose and its purpose is to contribute to all of life, as its truth and its reward.  Air literally gives us everything and deserves our respect, our gratitude, and our protection. Air is the element of intelligent beginnings. It is without permanent form. It is the unseen switch, the light, action, life may take place, since air is in place. It doesn’t happen that way without air. This enables coexistence, binding the vital, essential, life-sustaining properties.

The order of creation in life came from life and is best supported by life in the same way that the life within our bodies is best supported by us taking in life as food. Eating death, involving death with preservatives, which preserves you as you become dead or processed facsimiles of life, may temporarily continue life on a slippery slope sliding into quicksand of disease. It is inevitable, eating life promotes more life in the living body. This is a sustainable model. Life and death are two sides of the same coin. Air is an example of the same principle. Air is living consciousness with the power to give physical form, dynamism and ‘in spirit rations,’ like Army rations, ‘in spirit rations,’ through inhalation.

The physical laws distance death from life in the various stages of decay. It follows that the more distant our living organism is from life, the closer it is to death and decay. The distance between our body’s ability to take in living air is quite short indeed. Even the world champion breath holders have achieved only, according to the Guinness World Book of Records, 22 minutes and 22 seconds in 2012. 22 minutes. Most of us would not last that long. The interface is so immediate and critical and pertinent, it is a matter of minutes of separation from air that may end us and our physical experience.

Air is one of the primary living, conscious nutrients, along with the living form water and the living form sun. It is the inhalation of spiritual, energetic force, the interface between spiritual and physical. It is the life form that literally initiates the breath or calls forward our breath to support us through all of life.  

Air animates us and we are intimately integrated in the shared experience, of air, with all of life, informed by air itself. We are one with each other through our breath. I inhale what you exhale, which is informed by what you think, feel and are. We share each other through air. It is In La’Kesh. We are one. There is no escaping it.

Air is an opportunity to have all other things. It is a necessary ingredient. Our reverence for air should be in direct proportion to this reality, I thank you, air. There is not even a close second in importance to the preservation of physical life.

Air has weight and mass. Air is a carrier of aspects that are lighter than air itself. Some examples of those are frequencies, messages, coding, music, pollution, nutrients, contaminants, disease, thoughts, smoke, seeds and pollen. As with all things, the cleanliness of the air, the better the air is for us. The more we understand, cherish, and protect the air, the better and the greater the benefit to humanity and all life on earth.  

Air is the active element of inhalation of spiritual, energetic force and conscious, it’s the conscious conduit between the spiritual and the physical. It is the breath of air that literally animates us, becomes part of us, and then it is inevitably shared with all of the world. When you think about this, it should change your view of the thing you never think about, the air.

We introduce you to air so that you may apprehend this opportunity to be in relationship with the living intelligence that is so intimately connected to us, yet completely ignored, distanced, and abused on such a grand scale, such an enormous sin against life, as to threaten our ability to breathe, or to, as the word breath would say, be earth. The truth is in the language, it is in the words. We can’t avoid it. Even if we ignore it, if we say the word, we are saying it.

Many countries are already so polluted, the residents have to wear masks to clean the air; China, this is commonplace, India, Iran, Japan, Africa and Saudi Arabia are the top places.

While investigating new inventions, which is something I do often, I found a brand-new invention called BREAZE. This is the new BREAZE mask, a comfortable breathing mask that cleans the air, it is adjustable, and attractive. It is a breath mask that advantages the wearer by being transparent, so the wearer’s face may be seen while others are looking pleasantly, while filtered air is being experienced, instead of the air that is available. I was very taken by that, that this is a new invention, air masks. So, then I started to look and see how many countries are people, every day, are wearing masks and how often do we see it. It is not completely unheard of for us to see it here, because the respiratory illnesses are so great. But I thought that was interesting. And for anyone who is interested, the BREAZE mask will be available soon, with its pleasant, transparent view of your face, which is all important.

In a world where the air has been purposely made unbreathable through denial, ignorance to breathe, and micro sites, not only the inability to see into the near future, however, the lack of alarm in the face of something equal to the fiery, erupting lava bombs that are being spewed out of the volcanoes in Hawaii. That evidence, because of the dead and dying from air pollution, in so many forms, no one is being alarmed. However, bombs are going off, people are dying, children can’t breathe, people can’t live. There are no walls to keep the air from South America or Japan from us. This is a globe. Earth is pretty much round, so if Fukushima has radiation, two months later our pastures, our cows, and our milk has radiation. It is not their problem.

We do not have to be victims to what happens to our air. The air solution is to comprehend that air is living with consciousness, a living form, and then it is suffering from the garbage and poison in the brain-scrambling, premeditated, attempted suicide we are all participating in. We cannot escape our responsibility to be what happens in this world, as we are this world. What is exhaled, is all that is available to be inhaled. There isn’t anything else, unless we make the conscious choice. We can think our inhalation into the proper will and action to develop responsibility towards our own experience.

In humans, the growing suicide phenotype, may show itself to be one of aggressiveness and impulsive behaviors, not unlike what we see commonly with behavior across the board with humans as being aggressive and impulsive. This may be one of the reasons why we can’t hold our breath, because we might be aggressive and impulsively decide to hold our breath until we turn blue. So, it was already taken care of in that way.

So, we see this in the living consciousness of the earth, which is literally our physical self. So, if we look at the planet, if we were to lay out all of the land and water, we could equate it to the same experience as the human body, because we are of the earth. The earth is like the human body, it has a respiratory system, it has a brain, it has places where the water runs through and carries the messages. This is not a stretch, this is a literal reality, everything we are comes from the planet. All the elements that make the body, are part of the living earth. Only a living life can make a living life. So this is what we are the result of, but we don’t recognize that.

Now we are noticing that in our air, the airplanes are falling out of the sky. Have you seen the news lately? Airplanes are falling out of the sky on a regular basis. Birds are falling out of the sky, the air. The toxins are filling our lungs, and we, and the air, need to be free. The air tells us that there are weaponized frequencies that have been released into the air and they are at critical levels. The air has said to me that the human body may have to be redesigned, augmented, to survive, to accommodate the level of human pollution, man-made pollution. The air solution is: inhale, recognize that we are not the only living conscious beings that are of value on the planet. We are not the only intelligent ones.

What we do not love, what we do not respect, what we do not protect, will move away from us. That is the law. It applies across the board. It also applies to the air. It will move away from us. We should exhale, so that we will not be without air. We should exhale that we will develop the will to protect our air for us. It is the same, it is In La’Kesh. We can be in relationship with the consciousness of the air.

Go to the meditation. Call for the air. What you call for will show up, the consciousness of air will come to you and if you want, you can be in conversation with the air as an intelligent living form or you can be an ally.

Do the meditation for 30 days. Become familiar with this understanding. Ask to deepen your understanding of communion and know that if the air is diminished, we are diminished. When you exhale, exhale inoculated level of air that you have inoculated with your love and concern. Exhale that into the world and then the air slavery will end, and our freedom will begin.

In La’Kesh and Veritas

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