Harmonic Evolution Service

Harmonic Evolution Service


Harmonic Evolution Service is a Highly Evolved Evolutionary Process to remove past life traumas and patterns that do not serve you in the lineage. Available in a one, three or six package session.

Harmonic Evolution is an energetic healing method utilizing harmonizing frequencies to repair the body’s neurological system, which literally changes the characteristics of the energy signature. Harmonic Evolution extends to the nervous system, as it works with our built in antenna, which connects to our spinal column and brain.

This harmonizing & evolving method incorporates sacred geometry and other ancient sciences, that result in the release of emotional traumas, disposition shifts, and vibrational elevation.

Complete Ener-Scription

We recommend products and tools to enhance the benefits of each service, as well as to maintain the effects. Please use this checklist to help you put together your Ener-scription.

Ener-scription Checklist:

Right Thinking Kit

Be New Oil

Clarity Frequency Water

Right Thinking Frequency Water

Veritas Frequency Water

Sacred Meditation Wood – Qualbi (Clarity)





Recommended Listening:

Monthly Self-Healing Classes with LaOta Of The Sun

Each appointment is a 30 minute session
via phone or zoom conference.
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