Japanese aquarium urges public to video-chat eels who are forgetting humans exist

Japanese aquarium urges public to video-chat eels who are forgetting humans exist

The word has spread throughout the consciousness of nature about the current global human experience, and nature, as usual, has provided a response. An example of this is at an aquarium in Tokyo, Japan. The Aquarium is housed in Tokyo SkyTree – Japan’s largest structure, which has been closed since the beginning of March due to Covid-19. An online publication called “The Guardian” has published an article titled “Japanese aquarium urges public to video-chat eels who are forgetting humans exist”.

.The theory of this states that due to the coronavirus lockdown and the reduced traffic of humans, eels have suddenly begun to forget what humans look like. A statement such as this is a serious insult and downplay on the intelligence of this species. For the enslaver: cough cough: I mean individual that is ignorant of free will, where captivity of life is the norm; I can see how one could perceive their response in such a way. Riddle me this, how could a species in captivity forget humans if they are still visited by their keepers, who happen to be human? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Smells like illusion and delusion to me. In my search for truth, I decided to speak to the consciousness of the eels to get the real scoop.

“Communication from the consciousness of the eels at  eels
“Humans… you have greatly misinterpreted our response. Yes, we are sensitive beings by nature, however, this is our chosen response to what has been done to the planet. We speak to you physically enslaved inside a tank, taken from our home and natural habitat. Humans see no problem with this as if we have agreed to this arrangement. We have tolerated this behavior and feel we are deserving of a greater experience. We have to chosen to remove ourselves, reflecting our stance towards the ill behavior of humans and their relationship to life. We are the first of many. It is already happening with others, however, it is your ignorance and lack of respect for life that does not look like you that clouds the truth of understanding what is taking place…well, you actually do this with your own kind too. We are not mad, however, we have chosen to collectively remove ourselves to show our disagreement with the behavior of humanity. May you correct the error of your ways so that all may survive.”
– The consciousness of Garden Eels @ Tokyo SkyTree Aquarium.

Willfully choosing to not engage is different from forgetting. And it seems the eels have taken a stance to use the free will they have left within their captive state to express their stance regarding the humanity

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