Bees and the Divine Feminine

Bees and the Divine Feminine

I asked the bees what they wanted to share about their connection to the divine feminine and they said:

We are ruled, governed and sustained by females. The majority of the bees in a hive are female. The queen lays the eggs, while female worker bees feed and care for them, forage for pollen and nectar and defend the hive. The queen is tended to by female bees for everything she needs — a super organism of teamwork. Every bee does her part for the benefit of the whole. All must flow together for all to exist. The hive mind extends beyond a single hive to all hives. When male bees are birthed their hives feed and raise them, strengthening them to leave the hive and mate with a queen of another hive. The male bees give their lives for the creation and survival of another hive as most males bees die during the fertilization process. Everything is interwoven. It is the fertile flow of feminine energy that creates, builds and strengthens the hive, but it is only possible when combined with masculine energy. Both must exist, be nurtured, honored and respected for all to exist.

We are all connected. We are the sum of the whole. The divine feminine energy guides us, shows us how to move and where to go. The power of our communication is infinite and connects us to everything. The figure 8 motion in which we move is a power position, directing, instructing, showing, guiding — all through the ease and grace of a fluid dance that leads to the fruits of our labor, to flowers rich in pollen and nectar so we can feed our young, our queen and ourselves.

A hive without a queen cannot survive. A queen without a hive cannot survive. It is a delicate balance, an interwoven relationship that relies on everyone working together for the same goal to survive, a symbiotic system with intense precision, selflessness, honor and respect. A bee leaves the hive to die so she does not create more work for the other bees by having to remove her body. When a bee gets honey on her wings or steps in sticky propolis, other bees immediately come to her side to help her get it off. If a swarm of bees gets separated, bees link arms to hold it together. When a bountiful source of pollen and nectar are found, female bees dance the figure 8 in front of the hive, showing the direction for all to succeed and benefit from the surplus. Working together for the sum of the whole, for the survival of all is innate to us.

I asked the bees about the divine feminine returning to the world through them, and they said:

We are the answer to the call. We are the epitome of the divine feminine. We are guided by female energy. Watch and observe us. Spend time with us. Learn about our intricacies to learn about the power and strength of the divine feminine. Call on the divine feminine in you, whether you are male or female in your current experience, to release and unleash your innate power. 

The divine feminine is the energy in which all humans begin. Everyone begins life as female. It is not until later in the gestational phase that the masculine side is developed. Feminine energy is the strongest energy of creation. It is the first energy ignited in creation. While both divine masculine and divine feminine energies are necessary to initiate creation, it is the divine feminine energy that grows, nurtures and nourishes the new life inside her body. 

The divine feminine is strong, powerful and courageous. She is the energy of construction, creation, building, an architectural language of design and creativity, a sacred geometric pattern of precision, a beautiful ballet of focus. She is strong and brave. She is gentle and soft. She is sharp and round. She flows and produces the nectar of the gods. She endures. She is honorable, respectful, full of love and nurturing. She is active. She is a warrior. She is peace and harmony, healing and truth. 

We bring this energy with us because it is in us, to you, because it is in you. We can help further awaken it in you and in the world. We carry the human genome. We are you and you are us. Call upon us. Watch and observe us. Work closely with us. Learn about us.  Honor and respect us. Be in gratitude for us and treat yourself and the world with this level of care as well. 
We need you and you need us. Our food supply is dependent on you and your food supply is dependent on us. We must work together to create a world that serves us both to the highest potential, a world that is full of love, nourishment, honor, respect and gratitude for all things always. A world that sees and breathes oneness, a world that understands that we are all connected, a world created in and with truth. 

Stop, look and listen. Slow down enough to observe outside of yourself and inside of yourself. Look at what is around you and in you and change what is not correct. Listen to what you hear around you. Our buzz can calibrate your cells to the highest possible frequency. Listen to what others have to say, and don’t ignore what the trees and flowers want to share. Listen to what you say to yourself, and correct what needs to be corrected. 
We are here to assist with the Reset, to help make the shift, by bringing forth the divine feminine in women, men and mother earth. 
The women of the world must join hands together and stop competing with each other. They must see the magnificence of their beings while celebrating each others’ gifts, strengths and successes rather than being jealous of one another. Women must stop complaining, criticizing, competing and condemning. They must stop coveting what is not theirs. Operating in the divine feminine is operating within your own gifts and strengths and within the positivity it brings forth. The diving feminine is about supporting each other, lifting each other up, building connections, working together and loving everyone and everything. 
    It is time for a new relationship to be formed with one another, to have unwavering honor and respect for each other, to be in gratitude for the connection of the divine feminine, for the unity, the oneness it brings forth.
    Women must shift and lead the way so men can connect with and further release the divine feminine in them. Divine feminine energy does not diminish the divine masculine energy. It strengthens, nourishes and deepens the full human experience.
In La’Kesh and Veritas, with Honor & Respect. 

​I thanked the bees for communicating with me and expressed my deep gratitude for the opportunity to hear their wisdom. I sat still for a while, in awe of the experience I just had. I could feel the divine feminine in me open further from it. It changed me. It expanded me. It softened my gaze upon myself and the world. It spurred me into action and propelled me to love more fully. I could feel my cells bellow out in the highest frequency possible, “I am woman, hear me roar!” I am stronger. I am ready to act, to lead, to heal, to love the world and myself in truth. It was a magical experience. 

In La’Kesh & Veritas,
with Honor, Respect & Gratitude
Communicator Tiffany G

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