One Mind Reconnection

One Mind Reconnection


We live in spiritually opaque times. Our experiences with each other often do not transmit sufficient light. We find ourselves arguing for our own limitations and trapped within third-dimensional conceit, in a twilight of hazy incongruities most of our lives.

Our connection to One Mind was severed long ago. Our mass consciousness had no reference point at which to attach, until now! We have been watched from far worlds through millennia, for this moment, when the reconnection could be established. We are now able to live above the turbulence, in Truth, where no arguments are possible.

One Mind is incorruptible. This is where where we find transcendental insights in meditation and inspiration that can illuminate and alter our life experience. Once reconnected, access One Mind at will.

Higher frequencies require obedience.

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We recommend products and tools to enhance the benefits of each service, as well as to maintain the effects. Please use this checklist to help you put together your Ener-scription.

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