Mystical, Magical, Sacred, & Other


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Communication from the Consciousness of the Mystical, Magical, Sacred, & Other Crop Circle


In La’Kesh & Veritas,


We bring you greetings from the Mystical, Magical, Sacreds, & Others. The energy in the rug is to provide you openness, exploration, joy, happiness, and magic. We are here to help you remember a time where all humans had the understanding of being free. As you explore your options in this rug, you can connect with us on various levels. There are levels for meditation and reflection. There are levels for you to get in touch with the magic that lies within you. There are levels for you to explore what other lifeforms reside in the realm of the Mystical, Magical, Sacred, & Others. As always, there are levels of continued support for all of those who are in appreciation of Of The Sun Universe. It is through your appreciation, love, joy, and acceptance of Of The Sun that we may interact with you.


This rug is dedicated to the human experience of magic, loyalty, dedication, and forthrightness. All are things that must be practiced and adhered to as you embark on your magical journey. This is a serious act and is not a play toy. Therefore, when working with us, you must be at the highest level of integrity in your thoughts and actions. We look forward to our experiences together.


In La’Kesh & Veritas


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Insignia Card, 3ft Rug, Travel Fleece


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