Archangel Michael


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Communication from the Consciousness of the Archangel Michael Crop Circle


The highest love is the Light of Truth. One must steel themselves and align. An aid to anchor the divine Archangel frequencies into your experience. The frequencies of the Divine bring forth Truth, Courage, Valor, Strength, Endurance, Virtue, Respect, Reverence, and Uprightness through one’s thoughts, emotions, and actions.


I represent being-ness of Truth. Truth from the highest order. An aid to move one’s self into harmony with the light of this Truth, through the manifestation of will and steel of the soul. This manifestation of will through the steeling of the soul is through the actions of being the physical embodiment of the Archangel frequencies on the Earth plane. This behavior will make the individual upright, to bring into harmony and congruency that which is in everything, that which is the true source of the essence of being.


An aid to go into battle with self, to put down and bring into balance the darkness that has accumulated in one’s experience. Hold the sword to one’s self internally and externally, therefore providing the fortitude to thrive through maintaining connectivity through the Divine energies of Truth, Light, and Reverence. To have the will and the fortitude to express the Truth of the Divine. Alignment with me enables one to have strength and support, erecting courage to be the Divine being that you are, to sustain the pitch of your Divinity within the Archangel realms, anchoring them onto the Earth through the levels of existence.


In La’Kesh & Veritas



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Insignia Card, 3ft Rug, Travel Fleece


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