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Comparison to an internal belief of what is thought to be equal and upright. As it equates to one’s internal perception of being right, just, and non-discriminatory. Measured among other variables considered to be out of the range of inclusion into the equation. That is, all things that are considered not in accordance to the regulations, rules, procedures, or standards everyone and everything must abide to.

To consider what is fair is to imply limitation. To set boundaries, to linearize growth, and do away with variation and diversity.

Utilize me to ignite flexibility in thought. And enhance the awareness in seeing the need for variation in expression. To see the need in accepting and exploring what is different. As it fits into perfect alignment with one’s highest purpose as part of the whole of diversity.



5 spray – 3 times a day

1 bottle per month (minimum of 4 months)

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Weight .5 lbs


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