Move Forward – Evolve Water



An energetic catalyst harnessing divine power to lighten the path to one’s freedom. A patron for Will, offering support to the soul in establishing itself in truth. And fulfilling the destiny chosen in origin by it. Giving rise to clarity, to prompt foresight into a future schematic in the true essence of one’s being. Honoring Universal law and truth. Counteracting procrastination with transmutative frequencies. And imprinting logic, reason, and understanding into subconscious and conscious mind.

I am your Push In Becoming. A becoming of Being, operative in action, constant motion, and ongoing expansion. Uninterrupted by fear and debilitating notions. A companion to keep you in alignment and in forward motion toward your destiny.




5 spray – 3 times a day

1 bottle per month (minimum of 4 months)

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Weight .5 lbs


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