Not Able to Digest – Evolve Water



An accumulation of clutter in thinking and doing. Influenced by mental constructs unwavering in freeing you from fallacy. Resulting in disorder, hoarding, excessive weight, health issues, overthinking, and stagnant motions. Carrying throughout one’s thinking lack of consideration for self and others. Only to see how someone or something has implemented the wrong. Referring to the external and outer influence as the reason for not choosing, pursuing, and acting differently.

Utilize me to remove constipation in thinking and processing. To breakdown and see deeper into the why, how, and what within a circumstance. For acceptance of the truth to settle in as the dominating frequency. Prompting you to move into the solutions and bring the imbalance back to balance. Bringing you into alignment with the rhythm and flow of life.




5 spray – 3 times a day

1 bottle per month (minimum of 4 months)

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs


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