Fear – Evolve Water



A manifestation of weakened ways of thought, behaviors, and trauma. Operating as the faculty of every layer of being. Throughout all bodies-the physical, mental, emotional, and soul. Magnifying in power when one doesn’t see their value. And resist standing in truth and personal sovereignty. Becoming a free agent for fear to take ownership as the dominating frequency. Dictating every thought, move, action, and deed. Converting one’s will into nourishment for that which fear desires.

Utilize me to see through what is perceived to be harmful and overbearing. To acknowledge the emotions, memories, and thought forms that accumulated in birthing my existence. Bringing into plain sight the patterns, threads, and cords of fear to clear.



5 spray – 3 times a day

1 bottle per month (minimum of 4 months)

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs


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