Soul Retrieval I

Soul Retrieval I


Soul loss is very common. In soul loss, the person often knows this and speaks language that would reflect their experience with expressions such as:

“I don’t feel like I’m all here.”

” I can’t seem to find the right man or woman.”

“I feel that part of me is missing.”

” I have to find my birth parents, so I will know who I am.”

“A part of me died when…….”

“I feel like I’m searching for something, but I don’t what it is.”

These and other statements that are so prevalent in today’s world indicate a lack of wholeness. Here are a few other indicators of this loss: low self-esteem, money issues, and, in general, difficulty with manifesting levels of happiness.

For healing to take place, soul loss needs to be rectified. It is very important to make sure all of your energy is available for your own use. Our energy is really all we have. Not only does soul loss take place when we are threatened, it can be caused by high levels of trauma, or most commonly in sexual abuse. Soul loss can take place in less dramatic events like divorce, being unhappy with some portion of ourselves, receiving bad news, or feeling unloved. Some of the ways we can lose energetic body material is by giving it to others, through our own will to do so or by unconscious intent: having it stolen. We have all felt when others drain us of our energy. Might that be a symptom that they are without enough of their own energy because of their own loss?

Soul Retrieval is soul rescue, returning to you, the rightful owner, the energy parts of your energy body that have been estranged from you and now exist separately, or with someone else, as conscious fragments or scattered portions.  These bits and pieces have self-motivated existence in some form. They can be tracked and recovered for you. In some cases, anywhere from .001% of your energy, to as much as 10% of your energy, may be missing and available for recovery.

There are many reasons that significant parts of our energy may not reside with us.
Soul Retrieval is an ancient and effective remedy for this all too frequent reality. If this information is aligned with your spirit and you are seeking wholeness, we recommend this healing, for it may be the perfect time for you to reclaim your parts and welcome back what is divinely yours.

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