A Communication from the Consciousness of the Bees to Of The Sun – 7.12.21

A Communication from the Consciousness of the Bees to Of The Sun - 7.12.21

As I am preparing breakfast, the bees come forward and say they want to speak with me at 1:30 that afternoon. I put it on my calendar and move on with my day. Later that afternoon, I am outside and three bees fly around me…one lands on my heart chakra, another buzzes and flutters in front of my eye, then flies around my head, and another flies around my body at my solar plexus and root chakra, reminding me of our appointment and preparing me for it, clearing me to hear them. Immediately after they are finished, they fly away and I am guided inside to get a pen and paper and sit down. I glance at the clock as I am sitting down. It is 1:30. The bees tell me to hold my icosahedron in my left hand and then come forward with their communication.

They say:

“Stop checking your phone. Electromagnetic frequencies interface with our connectivity, which is part of the problem humans are having. You are so connected to something that disconnects you to the natural world physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It creates a disruption in your auric field and in your brain waves. The circuitry of the brain does not fire as quickly in humans anymore because of the constant connection to the broadband frequencies. The broadband is a limiting band that broadcasts misinformation and maladies. It broadcasts what should not be everywhere, what should not be given attention to and inhibits what is most important to focus on. It stifles, distracts, confuses and weakens the mind and body.

The same things happen to us because of the ever-present electromagnetic frequencies. They disrupt our flight patterns. They confuse our brains. They weaken our immune systems. They have killed many of us off. Those of us who are here now have learned how to better matriculate them and try to stay where the frequencies are not as strong. Most humans are moving in the opposite direction, further exposing yourselves, your bodies, your cells and your minds to the disruptive and destructive frequencies by wearing watches that are always activated, never giving yourselves relief from the electromagnetic frequencies, never allowing the body to discharge and recalibrate. Houses are fully charged and activated with these frequencies out of convenience so people can talk out loud to the virtual world, giving any command they desire— play this song, turn on the tv, set the alarm.

Convenience is speeding everything up to such a fast pace, that humans are becoming automatons to keep up. There is no longer the separation that is needed for the delicate balance of the systems in the human body. The human brain needs time to slow down and create space between thoughts. Participating in the rapid, high speed of the Internet all the time, allowing those frequencies to be broadcasted throughout your being and your home inhibits the recovery time the body needs and the space the brain needs to be and feel calm, to not think, to unplug, to heal, to recover.

Electromagnetic frequencies, and all they broadcast, play a role in creating a society full of anxiety ridden, sleep deprived, angry, fearful, jealous, lonely, frustrated people. It is in the calm and the quiet that healing takes place, that ideas are generated, that creativity is unleashed. It is through the connection with nature instead of a screen that humans are able to understand creation and the interconnectedness to all, that you are able to see, feel, hear and appreciate the magical magnificence of being — that you are able to honor the Hu-Man (the God-Man) in yourself.

While it is nearly impossible in this current world to never be around electromagnetic frequencies, it is possible to be mindful to disconnect more so you can truly connect. It is possible to choose to not walk around with those frequencies touching your skin or penetrating your brain. It is possible to choose to live in a sanctuary free of them, or at least not have them broadcasted throughout every room in your house. True progress is to not be bamboozled by convenience at the sake of health, but to utilize tools that assist forward motion while not sacrificing elevation. You can have it all, but you need to understand what all is. The sum of the whole needs to be in your highest and best interest or you end up having nothing.

We asked you to hold the icosahedron in your hand for this communication so you can feel what it feels like when something is in your highest and best interest…it should FLOW. Your body is in a constant state of motion. It is in your highest and best interest that the blood in your body flows without obstruction. All fluids in your body need to flow smoothly. Your digestion and elimination need to flow through you. Your thoughts need to flow easily. Blockages, clogs, disruptions in any of these areas lead to dis-ease, and thoughts, feelings and physical situations that are not in your highest and best interest.

Electromagnetic frequencies block, clog and disrupt flow, ease, grace and natural rhythms, so be mindful to not allow them to consume you so you can experience the benefit of BEEing you. We understand this connection because we feel it too. When we are inundated with electromagnetic frequencies the fluidity of our flight is disrupted, the nectar flow is slowed, our ability to create food that flows from our body is hindered because we are hindered.  

Constantly interacting with electromagnetic frequencies with your two visible organs, your eyes and your skin, is detrimental to your health. Your skin is your largest detox organ and you are bringing in toxins through your hands when you touch charged items like phones, screens, watches, etc. Your nerve endings accumulate in your hands and your pressure points connect to other organs in your body. It is not in your highest and best interest to proceed so carelessly.

Protect yourself with less frequent usage. Avoid contact with your skin as much as possible. Be mindful of your eyes. Wear quantum rings around your neck or wrists. Put EMF Subjugators on your phones and devices. Be extra careful with babies and children and their organs. Babies and children should not touch cell phones, computer screens, charged watches, etc. and should wear protective eye gear when possible. Viewing should be limited.

For those of you creating homes for bees, utilizing EMF Subjugators on the outside of our hives is much appreciated and will help block and further protect our Queen, the bee babies, our family and the products of our hive from the harmful frequencies. Keeping the property cleared from discordant energies, radiation and electromagnetic frequencies will greatly assist our ability to live in harmony with the space. Not subjecting us to close contact with cell phones, computers, WiFi watches, broadband frequencies is also much appreciated. 

Given this information, I ask, “Is there a way to show hive activity or to teach a live class online at the hive without too much disruption? Is it even possible?”

They say:

“Yes, but it must be done with honor, respect and gratitude, as well as with the understanding and ability to clear and remove the disruptive frequencies after. 

It should be infrequent, no more than once a month at first. Observe how we respond after the clearing and ask when we would be able to endure those frequencies next. 

It should be short-lived, not an all-day experience. 

It should be in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is out, and most of the hive is busy foraging, never in the morning or in the evening. 

We need to be informed of the date and time it is happening prior to exposure.

Most importantly, we need to be asked if we are in agreement with being exposed to those frequencies for educational purposes on the specific date and time. 

In fact, anytime the hive is being opened for any reason it is important to be in honor and respect and to ask if it is an appropriate time. 

Using a video recorder that is not connected to WiFi is the appropriate method for more frequent recordings.

In La’Kesh and Veritas.
We appreciate your willingness to listen and to hear us.”

I say:
“Thank you. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity.
In La’Kesh and Veritas, with Honor, Respect and Gratitude.”

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