A Message from Father Tree to Of The Sun – 7.5.21

A Message from Father Tree to Of The Sun - 7.5.21

In La’Kesh and Veritas,
With Honor, Respect and Gratitude-

Much work is needed for what is to come. Of The Sun Universe must continue to prepare, protecting yourselves from the ills that are going to affect the masses. The Universe knows that you of Of The Sun Universe are vital to assist in the survival of those who wish to be spared and saved on this Earth plane.

The many incongruencies and ills are increasingly being revealed, the truths that were so long hidden. You must maintain that elevated frequency as a layer of protection to protect yourself and those close to you. Some humans on this earth plane are in denial with that false belief that all is now safe, in a complacent state, not able to see what is truly to come.

Your adaptability in thought and in action is the key to your survival. Your allies are there to assist those on this Earth and those off-world. You are walking amongst your allies here on Earth, allies that are unseen by most, unseen to the naked eye of Man.
They are beside you in the unseen and are always there to assist you upon request. You, Of The Sun Universe, are at an advantage as your elevated frequency allows you feel their presence, sense their existence around you, and see them with your elevated energetic eyes.

We the Trees can always see and feel their presence as our senses are more advanced. Man on Earth is fooled by the perceived immobility of the Trees, however we are constantly moving. Just take a look, be still, and observe, and you will be able to see beyond the limitations. It is the darkness on this planet, concealing the truth from Man. We the trees, however, have the innate ability to filter the truth from what is being revealed and what is not being revealed on this Earth.

Allow us trees to assist in enhancing your senses Of The Sun Universe through meditation and connection with us, the Trees, so that you too can better filter for the truth. Continue your practices, maintain your elevated frequency and this will isolate and protect you from the ills that are soon to come.

With Honor, Respect and Gratitude-
In La’Kesh and Veritas!

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