Water Pt. 3

Water Pt. 3

*Originally broadcast on January 26, 2019.

You are now tuning into Of The Sun’s Monthly Self-Healing Class, Water Part Three, with LaOta Of The Sun. 

Thank you, Tarvars. 

We were speaking to the food that we were going to eat, and we asked the food questions about the level of suffering, and if the food would want to receive In La’Kesh. And we spoke to many foods. The story I want to tell you is about the blackberries. We spoke to the blackberries, and we asked the blackberries: what was their experience and were they suffering. The student who spoke to the blackberries informed us, and we all checked, that the fact is that the blackberries had been raised appropriately. They were not suffering from ill treatment or bad land, or anything else. However, they had not been informed, they did not know what was going to happen to them. So, when they went to be frozen, they were traumatized, because no one had thought to share with them, this is what will happen. So that existed as a suffering, and we were able to remove it by just giving them In La’Kesh and then that made what we consumed appropriate and vital food for our organs and for our bodies and we all were made greater from it. The reason I mention this is because our world is growing on a mountain of taking and raping and greedily grabbing from the innocent, the ignorant, the unprepared and the asleep in the natural world. It is not that negative is so strong, it’s that negative takes advantage of the malaise in the unchallenged, unprepared existence.  

Only the indigenous in our world are in connection because they have maintained their relationship with the natural world and water. They have been shown the understanding to appropriately petition for permission and agreement from what is already established in nature, the connections to the network that spanned not only the earth but all other realms. So, in the example of the blackberries, that is the situation. The blackberries were not informed or told what would happen with them next, so because they didn’t know, just as if you didn’t know, and someone scooped you up and froze you, you would be traumatized, so were they. 

So, this is an important understanding to have. It was the blackberries who told us this. Just like when I speak to the eggs in my kitchen, and they ask for In La’Kesh, they want In La’Kesh, and they want In La’Kesh before you put them in the pot before you boil them or cook them. They are in agreement with being our food, but they want to be agreement by you asking and speaking to them. And the same goes for all the water on the planet, and all the rest of nature.

If we start off wrong, we end up wrong. The absence of acknowledgment and our obliviousness of this behavior, interrupts and often corrupts, what is already in existence and all of its extensions, some of which we are unaware of, or only fractionally aware of. And could not guess the depths of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all other things, one upon another, as humanity does not apprehend its own interdependence and how we function as water beings on a water world with the rest of the water world of life that is here too.

As all of nature, from our personal relationships to our potted plants and their living soil, their worms, their water, their ants, and their microbes. And the relationships in our stars, the mathematics of the universe, how it works with time and location and its interconnectedness from the galaxies in the universe that form the symbiotic nature of our existence itself, through support and cooperation and respect in all things, with all parties, for harmonious outcomes. We are the ones who are out of control and not within the law. 

Even in the idea of the tree of life, this is an esoteric concept that is really not esoteric, it is instead truly representing life on land and the seas beneath the oceans and in the whole earth. On the earth side of the equation and beyond, the trees extend into the galaxies in which they originated, all the while continuing to be in cooperation and in contact via the neutrinos, with their relationship with water on our world as they create their own rivers in the sky above the rain forests on our earth. 

We can see and we can calculate the levels of consciousness that serve as a measurement of the intelligence operating on the earth and it’s overwhelmingly represented by the weakness of the shapes that we use to produce and reproduce everything. The triangle is the strongest shape, and the rectangle, the weakest. We have chosen the rectangle for our houses, for our cars, for our coffins, for our windows, and our buildings.  Our architects share that this trait is best favored for packing and storing in buildings, never considering that storage and bedroom space may not be the highest goal, may be actually anti-nature in form and in content. What if we built buildings to serve ideas greater than accumulation and maximum ability to evenly divide space? What if we chose to create structures for perfect health, for our genome, as the bees do for theirs? Or perhaps we build buildings for beauty or reverence or relevance to modulate energy for creativity and strength and endurance instead of how much stuff could we store in them. How many square boxes can we pack, one upon another on every square foot what, would be the maximum use that we could store our stuff in, that we wouldn’t use ever again.

It is something to think about. This is at the level of the third dimension. All of our thoughts diverge to consumption; how much is it, do I have the money, can I get it for less, where do I put it, can I make a better deal, what can I get for nothing, can it be free, do you have a coupon?  Who will know that I have it?  This thinking fills the earth plane with the redundant, uninspired structures holding down the bar of mediocrity.

We see stronger geometric shapes and choices in architecture that endure the earth changes in the cultural geometry of round homes and in the pyramid. This level of thinking is not in existence in our current world lexicon. The straight lines and the right angles which are the hallmarks of modern buildings, alienate the soul from nature and separate the heart from the interconnectedness of all life and consciousness. Straight lines and right angles are a fiction in nature and more, we surround ourselves with them, the further we are moved from the intelligence of nature. 

Our earth is three quarters water. The further we remove ourselves from our true selves and what is natural on this planet, the further we create barriers and are contradictory to the success of navigating the lessons of this lifetime.

In the cities of our world, we are encompassed by man-made objects stolen and taken without permission from their landscapes. Free sand and stones torn away from their connections, their intimacy between things is disrupted, disturbed because permission is not requested or given. So, there is no ability for the natural world to prepare to shift into something new, the opportunity for consciousness to exist, to adjust and find balance in the new experience or to be in agreement with something new, as with our blackberries. They would have been in agreement had they been informed or asked if it would be good for them. But instead, they were traumatized, and in suffering because of the lack of intelligence of communication.

When we live in the industrialized complex, we are living in suffering, the suffering of the very dirt, the trees, the rocks, the sand, and all things that they touch.  This soullessness creates and insinuates itself into the very air we breathe and the water we drink. The hard thoughts that take, instill and go into all who reside within what is made from them, reside within us. The natural products that are reinforced, hardened and made into concrete to produce the desired results, when we look at them, when we touch this hardness, it brings us the frequency of hardness towards all things. Everything is frequency.

When we are near or in the water and nature, we can smell the salt air or the freshwater smell, we can touch the land or the sand and we can remember, we are not separate. 

Our stress is exasperated by our man-made surroundings. It is a looped effect. We see this because in property clearing, we can see that the energy expressed in our spaces is insinuated with the energy that comes from everyone who touches it, which is then imprinted and then continues to communicate with the material at the particle level, within the space, and the unconscious mind of those within those environments are affected greatly by what has happened with the materials and all the other things that touch the materials. It is a looped pattern. It includes the consciousness of the raw materials involved that come from nature.

In a world that is increasingly dangerous from the police, the serial killers produced in the schools we send our children to, from the predatory church authorities, from the cyber-crimes that have outgrown detection, to the natural disasters that are a response to the need to clear the human behavior. For instance, the recent avalanches that say, you are not welcome on this hillside any longer, to the president and the congressional crime families and their supporters that currently run the US government. If you are here listening to this, take this opportunity to consider, is this who you are and why you are here or is this what your experience should be?

We have a solution, water meditation. Meditate to the sound of water. The sound of water, the thought of water, a visual image of water, a water candle. It is possible to feel safe while sitting still. Science has even recently proven; meditation puts you in the present. It is the essence of engagement. Mindfulness is the practice of activity, noticing new things. According to Harvard University psychologist Ellen Langer, we become more of the rest of ourselves when we meditate. Think of a natural landscape like a beach or the woods and compare it to downtown New York City or your smart phone and the computer. Take a moment to feel the differences. They are designed to be enticingly useful, cravable, needful things, highly addictive like white sugar and drugs. The Princeton Neuroscience Institute has measured physical brain response to disorganized environments. They found, physical clutter distracts the brain, creates greater stress, overloads the senses, and makes it more difficult to process information. This then teaches the brain to become a purveyor of clutter, to eat too much, to talk too much, to clutter up everything, do pop-ups distracting ads, all the while making mistakes that must be corrected, compounding chaos through erratic emotional peaks and valleys.

In the absence of nature, we slid silently down the slope, away from creativity, conciseness, clarity, and congruency of the frequencies of nature and into the sameness that we see in every rectangular store, inside of every rectangular mall, through every rectangular door, while you are driving your rectangular cars, talk on your rectangular phone. We’re missing a little creativity here. 

Creativity is sustainable, spontaneous, unexpected, a renewable resource which occurs in the space between the inner and the outer worlds. The flow of creativity is often associated with water. How many times has the perfect right idea come to you in the shower or in the bath? Water instigates vitality and inspires, take your salt bath. 

Another solution, water sounds. Water song is rhythmic, whispering, clashing, calling you back to its amniotic fluid of your mother’s heartbeat, the memory of the warmth and the peace of her arms. The sound of the water means life. The sound of the water is the same as the sensations of meditation. Japanese researchers have shown that the sound of the creek in the forest produces changes in blood flow in the brain and indicates relaxation. Water sounds are used by millions of people to make them sleep. To listen to ocean sounds can be remarkably effective in calming the fearful, making people feel safe, become uninhibited, judgment free, as they enjoy the mutable landscape. Every wave is different, every sound is different, but all familiar.

Another solution, run water over your hands when you notice that you are out of balance. Touching water is touching flexibility. Touching hard objects increases mental and psychological inflexibility. Sitting on a hard chair, looking at a hard building, driving a car, these ideas can delay spontaneous cooperation. This makes you a little inflexible, a little resistant, when it may be essential for you to become flexible. We become hard and hold hard-held thoughts. We become the unmovable object. This lack of flexibility is not what is needed to foster growth. We must be flexible to grow. Consider for a moment what it feels like to put water in a balloon, just remember, you have all done this, and you feel the balloon and feel the flexibility and know that the thin membrane between the balloon and you, is the flexibility of water. What does it feel like in your hands? Listen to yourself say the words that it feels like. Does it feel soft or firm or squishy or fluid, is it flowing? Does it help to restore your focus just to hold it in your hand and its flexibility? Think about it for a moment.

Another solution, look at water. Water’s ability to help people recuperate has been studied and credited with many hospitals and scientists and doctors to helping patients feel better, feel less pain, recover faster, have less emotional stress, need less pain medication, feel less anxiety, just by viewing open water videos and photos and scenes. Then this has been shown to be more relaxing and relieve more pain than looking at forests and other aspects of nature. So, the water has a more powerful effect because in everything is water. This is the source, so in the trees there is water. In the rainbow that you see on your screen, there is water. Water itself can relieve pain and stress and judgment and inflexibility. Just looking at water would be a wonderful thing to do each day. When you are listening to the water, the frequency waters, just think about water or run water or run a bath or be in the shower. Just the idea of seeing water. When I once spoke to water about something years ago, I was asking, well how much water do I need, when I first started working with frequency. And the water said to me: one drop is all you need, you don’t need much, you can just imagine one drop.

Dental schools have done studies that prove that viewing an aquarium or viewing a poster with water, reduced and relieved anxiety, and that hypnosis that they use in the same situations, added nothing to the high levels of relaxation experienced when people viewed water or an aquarium. So, the science and the techniques of modern man cannot trump the value of just looking at water.

Another solution, think of water. One of the great advantages of water is that you don’t need to meditate to enjoy the healing benefits because water meditates you. Look at nature that has water in it, even a fountain in a park can do wonders as a natural setting to produce measurable, cognitive advantage and improve performance.  I actually have a personal story about that. When I first met my husband, I lived in Kansas City. For any of you who know, Kansas City is called the City of Fountains. So, there are like many, many, many, fountains and on almost every date we went to a different fountain and so it worked for him. I am encouraging you to have fountains. 

The University of Michigan psychologists, Marc Berman and John Jonides, have found that there is strong evidence that there is no interior or urban environment that ever comes close to enhancing the balancing effects of the human senses, engaged with sight, sound, smell and feel, and when you feel something and even taste, that is anywhere in significance around that of water and in nature. The experience is one of effortlessness, involuntary cooperation, and occupation of the mind, ultimately directing attention and abilities and giving them a chance to be replenished after all of the hyperactivity and the additional fatigue that the brain feels when it is induced into cluttered environments of pop-up screens and too many things going off, or the visuals in a big city with too many lights, and too many things grabbing the attention and concentration of the mind, that it is ultimately, water and the sounds of nature and the aspects of nature that best combat this for the brain and this decreases what happens to us on the regular basis in our urban environments.

When the brain is at rest, it is not really at rest at all. The scientists call this default mode network. It is during this time, when the brain is in default mode, it devours huge amounts of glucose, and disproportionate amounts of oxygen. While in the mode, it is consolidating the variances and thus prepares to react to the environmental stimulus that is in touch with parts of the endocrine system in the brain, that is key to the developmental aspects of memory and new learning. So here again we are talking about the idea of incorporating aspects so that we can move into new areas without suffering. We are the nervous system that needs to drip. And we need to wander so that the brain can very effectively and efficiently bring in communication and information and translate into neurochemistry, the experiences that we are having and that we are about to have. This is actually key to how even the hair harmonics that we talk about works with the neurological system of the body. We need to be in a default mode network where we are at rest so that the antenna of the hair can apprehend what is going on in the environment and the neurochemistry and then inform us as to what is about to happen, so we can apprehend whether it is safe or dangerous.

So, this happens, even as we talk about the hair harmonic healing, in every aspect it is important that we understand that in the hair harmonic healing, when the healing is done appropriately, the hair becomes wet, the water is released from the hair where it has been encapsulated through the neurological chemistry in the body. So, this is even an aspect of being at rest and being able to produce the necessary chemicals in the neurology. And the neurochemical reaction to being at rest is to access what is happening in our sensory environments.

Another solution, water environment, your bathtub. Conscious thoughts can break the search for creative solutions. So, what that means is that when we are really looking at – what do I need to do, what do I need to do – sometimes we are unable to apprehend the solution. But when we are around water, which is the sensory rich environment, we can often access exactly what the next step should be, because there is enough softness and lets our focused attention rest. As we spoke about previously, it puts us in the default network mode where our solution can kick in. Many great advances in science have been made in bathtubs. Your salt bath may serve you in many more ways than you imagine. If you have a situation where you need to find a solution, I would recommend that you burn the appropriate wood, get into the bath, light your water candles, and let the solutions flow.

The last thing that we want to talk about tonight, is the solution to activate water. The part of the brain that is the prefrontal cortex, most closely associated with emotions, is associated with self-image, creativity, insight and in particular, it is activated by water. The same emotions associated with music, joy, sadness, tension, wonder, and peacefulness, power, nostalgia, the ability to transcend, all come up when people are near water. According to one of the experts on water and on music and on flow, this is part of our neural system of perception, attention, memory, action, and emotion that interacts when we are with water or when we play or listen to music. 

So, our final solution tonight is to activate the water by looking at it, by listening to it, by feeling it, by being part of it, by being in it, by not denying the truth of it, and have the same experience of operating in the brain and moving into the parts of your consciousness that free you and let you be flexible in your thinking.

In La’Kesh and Veritas.

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