A Message from Father Tree to Of The Sun – 7.19.21

A Message from Father Tree to Of The Sun - 7.19.21

In La’Kesh and Veritas,
With Honor, Respect and Gratitude –

The world, Earth, is changing before our eyes. Veils that have covered falsehood and incongruences in this world are continually being lifted and more truths are being revealed. Man is seeing more of the constructs that have been built on a false foundation, affecting all lives, including those of Of The Sun, lies that have been embedded in the lives of man for a millennia, rooted in the tissues, organs and cells of man, making it difficult to be reached and to be cleared.

Earth’s salvation must come from the power and Energy directed by the Universal Laws. The practices and teachings of truth provided by Of The Sun are tools that we trees see to be effective in lifting up the veil of falsehood. There is only so much we the trees can do in clearing away the negative thoughts and beliefs brought on by the dark forces that are causing man to continue to suffer.

We the trees now see that man on earth has a fighting chance to survive this dark plague of lies and deception that leads to one’s death, to man’s death. We the trees are here to warn those who are able to hear the truth, to prepare themselves for the fight for their own existence. We the trees, however, can only do so much and it is up to man to do his part, to do the work and save himself.

We the trees knew you were coming, Of The Sun, as it was a prophecy that a movement was forthcoming to assist to save this world. We the trees know your purpose, Of The Sun, to assist in the salvation of humanity and to assist in changing the trajectory of self-destruction. As the dark veil is continually being lifted, man is starting to see the necessity for change, to save their lives and to save their world. We the trees will continue to assist in this mission, as this Earth is our home as it is man’s dwelling.

Continue your work Of The Sun, bringing forward the energy of truth, with more chaos and confusion surfacing, a necessity for that wall of falsehood to continue to crumble and be dismantled. The power of your words, Of The Sun, strengthens us trees, and you can count on us, the tree kingdom, to be at your side: The In La’Kesh and Veritas providing us with added power and the strength, The Honor, Respect and Gratitude giving us the hope to continue to move on. The Energy coming from these words is the necessary power to pierce and destroy the evils and the ills that affect this world, Earth. We the trees have not seen a power such as found in these words throughout our long existence and through our current lifetime while on this earth.

Continue, Of The Sun with the powerful force from your practices as you continue to dismantle that dark wall of darkness and self-destruction, and we the trees will continue to work by your side as we together change the trajectory of Earth’s destruction.

With much Honor, with much Respect, and with much Gratitude –
In La’Kesh and Veritas

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