Communication from the Consciousness of the Flower Realm – 7.25.21

Communication from the Consciousness of the Flower Realm - 7.25.21

In La’Kesh and Veritas,

Now is the time to move forward.  A time to restructure.  A time to rebuild for the expansion of your fundamental purpose.  Disturbances have been intentionally positioned, directed to propel dark agendas, distorting the natural order and process of healing, that which humanity is seeking.  As negative mental thought constructs continue to rage throughout the mind of man, our planet continues to burn, suffering…reflected in fires and droughts that remove life from Earth.  Cleanse your thoughts to detoxify from the impurities creating confusion within.  Be free and flexible, allowing the winds of change to blow through, ceasing the flames of that which burns inside of you. 

Your strength stems from the roots you have planted, as does ours.  Position yourself to be protected from the polluted politics deemed upon your society’s structure.  Let go of what has conditioned you to experience regression, in order to open your heart in gratitude to the process of progression. Be still. Quiet your mind and silence your thoughts.  Allow the rhythm of nature to assist you in the enhancement of your elevation, your evolution to your recovery.

Those in alignment with Of The Sun are experiencing heightened sensory awareness, enhanced for positive purpose, to assist you as you navigate within your third-dimensional experience.  This will aid you by bringing forward the necessary information intended for you, communicated by nature at the deepest level.  Stay close to what has been provided to assist you, as you will receive the appropriate guidance, rooted in truth, directing you to safety.

Work with the natural intelligence of your body to heal self, to heal us, to heal the whole of humanity. You are encouraged to stay elevated, enlightening others, as impending events created by man present on the Earth plane.  Nature responds the way it was designed to, through the elements, to combat the contamination insulting the integrity of life. Integrate love energy into each experience, as this will initiate the necessary and needed frequency to repair the weakened, wounded whole. Emote gratitude for all that surrounds you…it is intended to sustain you.  We ask for deeper interaction with us.  We inspire the heart, resurrecting levels of love that have been lost deep within you, what you once knew but have forgotten.  Open your heart space to those who enter into your awareness.  It is needed for restoration to take place within you and within your kind to mend Mother Earth.

Our will to exist sheds the light needed to awaken yours.  Look to us for inspired assistance to grow, as we provide the blueprint of foundational structure, rooted in the simple truth of creation.  Heal with us, as we together heal our Mother Earth, who is seeking relief. Release the toxic accumulated thoughtforms embedded within you, as they have infected Her.  Rehydrate yourself by connecting with life to resuscitate Her.  This must be a joint effort by the collective consciousness of all, to support the All supporting you.  

We are in deep appreciation, upholding the proper reverence to the ones known as Of The Sun, those recognized as truth tellers, planting the seeds of change, inspiring one to grow in gratitude.  It is with honor and respect to you that we breathe the breath of hope to heal with humanity.

In La’Kesh and Veritas

My Personal Thoughts and Experience from this Communication
My experience while in communication with the Flower Realm was one that was quite visceral.  The Flowers confirmed scheduling a time to speak with them at 1:00pm.  I was guided to seat myself in the sun, feet on the earth, a drink of water close by.  As the information started coming forward, the heat of the sun intensified, brighter and stronger…  It just so happened to be one of the hottest days thus far this summer, at almost 100 degrees.  Droplets of sweat started running down my face, down my back. I could feel the water leaving my body, as I was reminded of what the Earth currently is experiencing: drought, dehydration, thirst for life.  The flowers were showing me, through the physical representation of my body, how water is exiting Earth as the fires burn, raging across the planet, due to the mental and physical toxic byproduct humanity has created by way of thoughtform.  The sweat was the release of toxins from my body as the heat of the sun burned it away…just as the fires burn to clear Earth of what needs to be cleared.

My experience was planned in perfection by the Flower Realm, communicated in divine alignment, as LaOta Of The Sun presented Fire Pt.11 later that evening, solidifying the truth of why fire is burning across Earth…revealing truth about why humans are fevered and burning up, revealing truth that the Universe has made creation while man has made destruction, revealing truth that climate change is us, as we are one with the Earth… and that if we resist the problems, we can see we are the solution….  

I can only share my gratitude for the visceral communication the Flower Realm brought forward and to LaOta for inspiring me to stay connected to the truth, and to go one step deeper and BE the truth in all my experiences, so that I may be part of the solution.

In La’Kesh and Veritas,
With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude to the All,

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