A Message from Father Tree to Of The Sun – 7.26.21

A Message from Father Tree to Of The Sun - 7.26.21

In La’Kesh and Veritas,
With Honor, Respect and Gratitude – 

The future of Earth is at a turning point, a turn to self-destruction, a turn for the worse: the self-destructive behaviors and actions affecting all living things including man himself without reverence or concern for fellow man or life, the deception of man’s advancement at the expense of others, masking those from the truth to see the hidden organization of existence off-world so that they can continue to use the living on this plane as an experiment to bring forward their selfish deeds, deeds that are anti-life, without reverence for their fellow man, the pitting of one against the other bringing in the C’s of competition so that all that is true cannot be seen, camouflaging the truth.

Disasters throughout the planet are at a high, the result of the many actions and experiments by man, diverting the attention from the truth, the truth that all can be rectified by starting with the change of a single thought and a single action. The decisions by man are made with no regard to the consequences of life on Earth and of self. Changing the frequencies of thought is the action needed for the salvation of all life on this planet.

The practices of Of The Sun are the key to assist in changing the trajectory of man’s self-destruction. Shifting the thoughts from oppression and self-gain to supporting the oneness of life is the key to overturn the present ills and those to come. 

The work of Of The Sun is like no other that effects real change that is needed to shift the trajectory of this planet to survive. The work of Of The Sun is in harmony with us in the Tree Kingdom/The Plant Kingdom. We the trees continue to support you Of The Sun and your efforts in warding off the many disasters that are to come: disasters affecting the food we consume, the air we breathe, the places where we inhabit.

We, the trees, encourage you Of The Sun to continue on, as we work together to save our planet, to save our world, Earth, lifting those dark thoughts so that all can see what needs to be done to save our home, Earth.

With Honor, respect and Gratitude,
In La’Kesh and Veritas!

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