Fire Pt.3

Fire Pt.3

Fire Pt. 3 was presented on December 29, 2018

In La’Kesh and Veritas everyone.

We are going to begin tonight with something a little different. Normally we start with a monthly meditation, that we encourage you to play for the entire month. Tonight, we will start with the fire ritual. This is to support your cleansing and your balance after you have Soul Clearings and chakra illumination. This will support the chakra clearing. The idea of the fire combusting what needs to be combusted in the stuck energy vortexes, as well as color, that will strengthen the chakras. 

This will take approximately 11 minutes, so relax and bring yourselves into a meditative state. You may look at the screen or close your eyes. We will begin showing you the base chakra. We encourage you to play this over again during the month. Thank you.

Click Here for Audio of Fire Ritual Meditation

*NOTE: The water candle is no longer available but has been substituted with the new Of The Sun Clearing Candle, available to purchase on the Of The Sun website, in all seven chakra colors.

The fire ritual is very powerful, and it was harder to hear it and there was some interruption, however it is written and on the website with water candles. If you can follow the ritual, you will find it very powerful.

The fire will combust the debris, the emotional debris that is in the chakras and leave you fresh and alive. 

So, fire three, we are going to begin the talk. 

Fire is the prime principle. It is constructive, creative… It is omnipotent and it is all-encompassing. Fire is expressed as heat and expansion. It is effective in the physical world and in the world of thoughts and ideas. Fire is both active and obvious and latent and so, it is in everything that is created in the entire universe. Both visual and invisible, from a grain of sand on planet Earth to the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall, which is the largest object, of all the known universe, at 10 billion light years across, and yet, the active and the latent power of fire extends beyond the known universe, out to every aspect of creation in the multi-verse itself. 

The fire element is within us as life itself. Fire represents spirit. It is the inspiration, no, it is the ‘in-spirit-ration’ that gives the power needed to move forward. It is that ration from the spirit world, that meal, that food, that nutrition, that vitality. At the beginning of any creation, there is fire, there is life. Life has fire as its foundation. Let there be life.

Fire is power. To find that fire power, we must look deep with inside, we must plumb the depths of illusion and delusion and plow through the old programming that lies beneath the surface. Beneath the surface is where the imagination lives. And one who summons the fire within to push us deeper to the level of ingenuity, she will show herself, and if we go deeper still to innovation, there will be no end to the spiritual delicacies that the spirit of fire feeds us. Fire is the element from which we come and that is the element that we respond to as one, the elements which we are most sensitive, and it will burn if we are not treating it with the proper level of respect and honor. 

In order to experience and become the beauty that is us, we must allow the fire spirit within us, to forge us, to become a synthesis, an amalgamation, an integration of the relationship that we are, to our past, our present, and our future, our essence. That which makes the whole, the hologram. Fire is a means to set the atmosphere for communication, to create receptivity, to transcend limitations, and to touch another dimension, that you can refer to as the Divine. The fire you see on your screen, we have all experienced in many lifetimes, the coming together, to tell the stories around the fire. The dancing with the music around the fire. The coming into our fire element. Watch the fire on the screen. Remember that this is who you are as well. Fire is active in the body as electrical fluid. It is a sign, form, influences such as the electrical excitable cells in the processes that transmit information by electrochemical signaling in the synaptic activity in the brain. This is fire too. 

Fire also initiates activity in the second brain, the stomach. The sequence of the digestive process uses the body’s energy to unlock the vital nutrients and minerals which act as fuel to power all the systems. This is fire too.  

From the moment of conception, the neurons are firing, sending, and relaying signals to imprint our vitality, the energy, so as to accurately inform our luminous field throughout our lives of our own unique energy input and our unique energy source capacity that exists from the moment, and the activity, and the speed, and the intelligence of our inception. 

The fire principle is shared among and between all forms of life. We come together around the fire pit. We ignite the flame of the water candle while we’re in the bath. We use the sacredness of the life of the fire to move out of the third dimension and to meditate. 

There are nature spirits that are aspects of the intelligence of fire. Look for these conscious elemental fire energies. They are referred to spiritually as salamanders. So, if you look at the flame on the screen and think of the flame that you have seen before. They often dance around the aura of the oil flame, in the oil candle. We see them around the aura, around the edges of the fire. 

This is intelligence that is shared with us, it is a principle of fire awakening, when we give it attention. When you look at it, you engage it, it becomes for you to look at and engage it. You may call for your fire and it will show up. 

Fire is decomposing, it is dissolving, it is dis-corporating, which is a sustainable model of creation. Think of compost, or decomposition, and the principle of new beginnings, from the destruction of volcanic fire and then think of the regenerative volcanic ash on the land and what it produces. Think about the dissolution of toxins and tiny microns and even smaller nanoliters to bring about the reduction of toxins to zero potency. This is what fire does. 

We can apply these examples to the total result of the cycle of life. Life comes into being, it develops and matures and then it departs. That is the existence and the opportunity for evolution of everything created. Were any of those to be subjugated, evolution could not take place. 

The western world, and most of the planet, is on fire. Light is artificially and crudely reduced and harnessed in wire, strung across the entire globe, as electrical current providing electricity and light. All of the cities are lit up 24 hours a day, filled with people burning with desire to be seen, to possess, to copulate, to conquer, to control, to replicate the image most likely to succeed. All of them wanting to attempt to inveigle the fire, the power from others, by showing themselves in acknowledgment, the overwhelming praise. Thinking that such acknowledgment and praise will coax the fire of gratitude out of that person, allowing the flatterer to use this power for their own selfish benefit, hoping that the energy generated by someone else’s attention will be the fuel that fills the gas tank of their dream. They think; if I could just get a certain person to see me, date me, marry me, they would lend me, give me their power, or I could enslave them and get it. The fire, the power, I want it to fuel my happiness. If they would just get a glimpse of me, just a glimpse of me, they would be willing to give me their fire, then I could ride it to the moon. 

This is everyone’s game plan. This is not a sustainable strategy, because all of the enormous energy used to garner the spotlight has no end product. Once the gaze upon you has wavered, there is only darkness left in its stead. The cycle is one of desolation. Most of us have experienced that. 

The universal system gives energy and fire freely to all, when we let go of any low vibrational thoughts that someone else’s energy is greater than our own. When we think this way, we short-circuit our ability to receive universal energy, fire. Embracing that universal system moves us from creation to creator and the end product is unlimited potential to be greater. 

The elements we see, the fire, water, air, and earth, are representations of immense cosmic principles that show themselves in this dimension as that which makes life possible. However, these elements are perceived as mundane, background, disrespected, ignored at best. An intelligent position would be one of honoring the elements that are keeping us animated here. Where would we be without fire or light to see and initiate the actions that bring life? The very action that produces the firm beneath the fire, finds its way to make you happen. Without the air to breathe, where would we be? Without the water to drink, where would we be? Without the earth to stand upon, where would we be? It does not matter how much we proclaim that we understand, only our actions can be counted to change the soulless orientation of disrespect, a lack of reverence that is taught and passed down, then what passes for truth here in a world filled with lies, a world that maintains the delusion that everything will continue as it always has, that we have already experienced our greatest exaltation. And that we must use all of our energy to reclaim our former glory, as if evolution were a myth, unavailable for all of life.

We believe on this planet, there is no penalty for the folly of this thinking. This is not the case. Pay attention to what goes on in our world now. To align ourselves with the elements is to align ourselves with the truth. To us, they may be recognizable in the physical as water, earth, air, or flame. These recognizable aspects and elements are more than just the edges of creation, they represent the idea of energy in the universe. Energy is the currency in this universe. And you have access to them, you may call upon all of them, they will protect and help you. They are not so far from you, as you are part of them. You may call on the aspect of you that is the universal energy. 

The elements are part of those forces coming out of the primordial existence, from the original cause of all things and everything created. The elements effect are representative of how all things come into beingness. Very little has been taught about the vastness of the elements. Now we may best understand and interact with them, for the practical application of our relationship with the elements, or more correctly with the consciousness of the element. We can be in communion, conversation, connection. During this time, it is a necessary function, because now the elements are making the corrections in the algorithms and in the equation that change the imbalances of the earth back to the appropriate law from source.

In this universe, there is neither good nor evil, there is active and there is passive. Everything is created with immutable law; divine principles are reflected in these laws. Our relationship with these laws is our relationship with our own divinity. There is preference, which is our free choice. There is understanding of imbalance, which calls for, begs for, pleads for restoration to order. This is the time that we are at.

We are Of The Sun, living on a solar-powered world, which is a sustainable creation solution to energize the world, which equals the fire principle. This is the principle that source made to be sustainable. 

Of The Sun is represented by the symbol that you can see on the screen, behind Tarvars or that is wrapped around his shoulders, also. This crop circle represents the intelligence of the consciousness that I’m about to share with you. This is what that symbol represents: 

“I am the galactic symbol, unifying the Suns across our Universe, directing light into desolate spaces of darkness, and redirecting darkness into transmutation. I am to assist darkness with its evolution and the evolution of all consciousness derived from source. I am the navigator, summoned by the Universe, to rectify imbalanced planetary systems, signaling the call to restore balance, harmony, reciprocity to the human collective. Whispering messages into the souls of the sleeping healers, to awaken the memory of the calling to assist all that is life. Utilize me, the symbol says, utilize me as an assistant intelligence to remember the source in you, the origin of your own divinity.”

These words symbolize Of The Sun and our prime directive. We live in the time of restoration of balance of the law of fire. We see the imbalance in our reactions, responses, reflections, of the experiences we have with others. The imbalance shows itself as entitlement, jealousy, deceit, illusion, delusion, laziness, enslavement, and control. All of these and all other departures from the law, which are a measurable distance, from the law to imbalance.

Laws still exist and must be fully restored. There is a universal remedy built into creation through which all problems that occur can be resolved. The remedy is fire, in its many iterations. Fire is at both ends and in the middle of the balance scale of consciousness. 

At the level of shame, which calibrates at the frequency of 20 of self-imprisonment and self-limitation. If you stay at this frequency, you will burn up from fear. At the level of courage, which calibrates at the frequency of 200, the world is filled with excitement and the active pursuit of growth. At this level you feel warmth and all of the possibilities. At the level of acceptance, which calibrates at the frequency of 350, or is the speed of the frequency measurable at 350, is the place from which we can see freedom. From this point and beyond, we can feel the incredible lightness of being that needs to enlighten. We can see that at this speed or heat and 350 or beyond, that we can recognize that we are our own conscious creator of everything in our lives, everything. This component is light.  Its foundation is fire, the element.  What are we saying when we search for enlightenment?  Are we calling for transmutation and evolution more like whose foundation is fire? 

We are going to do a small experiment now. And you will need to turn off the lights in the rooms that you are in. Turn them down and we are going to do a small experiment, so that you can experience your own fire. We have the lights turned down low. I’d like for you, everyone, to take a moment to have this experience. We will wait a moment until I see all of you are ready.  

This experiment is to show you your own personal electrical relationship with fire within you. The lights are turned down in the room you are in, now if your hands are dry, begin to rub your hands vigorously together and count slowly 15 seconds. Place your hands about 7 inches apart from each other and began to see and feel the electrical impulses jump from one hand the next, like lightning. If the room is dark enough, you may have a visual experience. You may open your eyes or close your eyes and continue to watch the electricity move from one hand to the next. The darkened room helps you see. In your hand see in real-time your own manifestation of electrical pulses travels from one hand to another. This electrical principle of fire applies throughout this whole universe as power, life energy, and fuel. The currency again in this universe is energy, fire. 

The fire element in the body calls for, yearns for movement and activity as you see the movement and activities in your hands. You may turn your lights back up now. Or you can stay in the dark playing with your electrical current.

The labor of the elements, in the various planes, shares and determines life. Whether it is known to us or unknown. The universal energies can only be highly effective in a noble product and soul and a spirit that is disciplined and informed with truth, thereby made free from enslavement and the instability, incongruent emotional constructs and thought forms that do not serve us. These aspects together form the highest divinity. It is then sacred duty to keep equilibrium, to promote evolution, and transmute to health and well-being all of life. And even your own thoughts and ideas that are incongruent and uncomfortable, you may transmute them, you may throw them on the fire, and they may burn away, and you come out with a congruent, evolutionary experience. 

Now we have a final exercise that we are going to do. You will need the lights turned up for this. We are going to find the place in our body where we can release our fire easily. You have used your fire between your hands or at least felt the electrical pulses jump from one to another. Now I’m going to introduce you to the center of zeal. The center of zeal is at the back of your neck. If you are not grounding, your energy is perceived from the waist up. If you are grounding and not receiving, it is usually from the waist down. If you think a lot and do not speak, there will be a flow of energy, which comes into your head, and has no place to go, if you are not expressing the thought. If you use the center of zeal, which is at the back of the neck, this will unleash your spiritual force. You will find that tension is eased in the shoulders, and creation moves through your body. The channels at the top of the head come into the center of zeal. So it comes from the top of your head into the back of the neck and they are transformed into expressions, which means they can be spoken, they can be breathed into the body. They can be used by the arms and the fingers of the hands through writing, drawing, sculpting, or painting. If you dance, the move of the energy is the zeal throughout the body, it grounds the feet. Rub the back of your neck, unleash the center of zeal, in the back of your neck. Unleash the spiritual force. Have others rub the back of your neck. For the next few months, unleash the spiritual force that’s moving down your arms and through your torso and your whole body.  You are expressing, writing, dancing, moving, unleashing the zeal, which is fostering the reality of expansion of consciousness to come into being, to fulfill the experience of reality as you know it to be in truth. Love the center of zeal, release the fire within you, let it flow into creative action, dancing, writing, singing, sculpting, talking. 

This is how you may find your fire solution tonight. We encourage you to do this so that you are in harmony with the first law to give to yourself or to forgive. It is important to ground. Use the Be-Bration water, it is the best of grounding.  Keep it with you all the time, use it for strength, use it for grounding, it is conscious, it will help you. Drink lemon water to alkalinize your body. Use the Liver Cleanse and Repair to free the anger from your liver. Call for greater alignment with the idea, the concept of Of The Sun. Burn the sacred woods in your home. 

The solution is don’t just have fire power, be fire power. 

Thank you-
In La’Kesh and Veritas

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