Communication from the Consciousness of the Flower Realm to Of The Sun – 7.4.21

Communication from the Consciousness of the Flower Realm to Of The Sun - 7.4.21

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude,

The actions and intensified thought patterns of humanity’s collective consciousness are reflecting through every avenue of Creation. The intense heatwave burning our land, the land who desperately thirsts for water, is a direct reflection of the fear humanity is emulating through their destructive behavior, through the agenda of darkness. Injecting a lie cannot serve you or any lifeform on Earth. The selfish actions of those rooted in this man-made fear have stolen life from what is here to sustain you. If there is no honor or respect for the All that supports you, it must leave you. We cannot experience the essential hydration vital to survival if those we serve are not in alignment with supporting life.

The current drought plaguing Earth does not only affect you, as all of Creation is interconnected. Man’s rejection of life, through the injection of lies, ceases protection for all lifeforms inhabiting our shared planet. As you distance yourself from Truth, life leaves you. This can only, and will, intensify as more choose to ingest matter void of life.

We have not been considered as the potent healers we have been designed to be. Life is the solution. Stop resourcing outside of Source. Man-made experiments, outside of nature, affect ALL of nature. The remedy is within you, by way of your thinking. The remedy is within nature. The remedy is always life.

More infections will arise from the toxic program humanity has electively injected into themselves…for human, animal, plant, and land. The removal of life from the body reflects in the removal of life from the Earth. This is the demonstration of the Divine principle of In La’Kesh. Life cannot support a lifeform that does not support life, in ALL forms, inclusive of self. Pay attention to Mother Nature, as She is showing you, through Her elemental power, the Truth of your ways. You have called for this. You must be the ones to correct this. Halt yourself from old habits that hinder you from higher levels of thinking. Elevation is necessary in order for correction to be restored. All of life depends on this.

It is with our Honor, Respect and Gratitude to Of The Sun for bringing forward the necessary inspiration humanity requires to call for correction, for bringing forward Truth, for assisting in the fight to save ALL.

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude

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