A Message from Father Tree to Of The Sun – 8.16.21

A Message from Father Tree to Of The Sun - 8.16.21

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude,

Stay the course. Many thoughts of confusion are throughout the atmosphere causing unrest and divisiveness among man. This frequency masks one from their clarity and logic, the clarity and logic to take steps toward one’s salvation. The result of these frequencies resulting in expressed behaviors that are similar to a puppeteer controlling his puppets. There are some individuals who are able to break through those bonds of hardened harmful thoughts, which paralyzes one from taking action, and there are others who wish not to see the truth for fear of what the truth has in store and would rather remain blinded and enslaved.

There will be continued movement of the masses, in search for that safe haven, but still bringing the dark frequencies of chaos and self-destruction with them, as they have not been cleared, those dark frequencies of fear, attracting the same as they continue to move and relocate, a false sense of security, the root cause, the rooted thoughts not cleared. Those who take steps overcoming and conquering those enslaving thoughts can be lead to the salvation of themselves and the Earth around them with the understanding of Oneness, the In La’Kesh of it all.

Many are accustomed to the many liberties that life provides for them now and will soon see the attempts for it to be stripped away from them, stripping away liberties with hidden agendas of oppression and war to satisfy the greed of obtaining more power, more control. The frequency of greed and control is a frequency from off-world that man has experienced and adapted for a millennia, and has not learned to clear. The Universe continues to watch over, taking note of how long it will take for man to learn his lessons, to see there is no reward when one oppresses the other for those miniscule gains. This imbalance has caused so much suffering throughout life on this earth.

The recovery of the Divine Feminine Principle is needed to assist in rectifying the many wrongs on Earth. The many wrongs we have seen man go through many lifetimes, the wrongs we trees have seen throughout our existence. Strengthening the Divine Feminine will weaken the dark forces and is the key to dismantling the long existing oppressive forces that have caused suffering to all life on this planet, our planet where we share our lives together. Now is the time to change the trajectory on Earth, ridding all that is anti-life and supporting all that is life, supporting and strengthening the power of the Divine Feminine.

​Of The Sun, continue to be the example, as your practices are clearing the way for man, tree, and all life for a chance to correct the imperfections that exist on Earth, providing the hope, providing the truth. Continue, Of The Sun, in clearing those frequencies of confusion and continue taking the necessary steps into preparing for what is to come, as we, the trees, continue our support in your efforts, moving together into that Path to Freedom, Path of Truth, Path into Victory.

With Honor, Respect, and Gratitude,
In La’Kesh and Veritas

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