A Message from Father Tree to Of The Sun – 8.24.21

A Message from Father Tree to Of The Sun - 8.24.21

In La’Kesh and Veritas,
With Honor, Respect and Gratitude –

Events and changes are occurring rapidly. The aggression of many is escalating, exhibited by those who are susceptible, exhibiting zombie-like behavior characterized by irrational thoughts and irrational burst of rage. All life in all kingdoms are affected by those dark forces in Earth’s atmosphere, those incongruent frequencies affecting life on land and the waters and life at sea, those ill frequencies of fear, doubt and worry feeding upon itself. As correction is in place on land, there is also a correction occurring in the seas. Remember, we are all connected as life energy, the In La’Kesh, man and animal kingdom, plant kingdom, as well as those who live in the water kingdom.

As we the trees continue to clear the atmosphere, removing those illusionary thoughts of man, more souls will become awakened and see the truth, the truth that something must be done to stop the imbalance that is harming all life. Those paralyzing frequencies of fear are being dismantled with more men coming forward to assist, to take a stand against those dark forces. The work of Of The Sun has helped man to question the motives of their so-called leaders on this Earth plane, seeing the truth, the truth that you have the power to lead yourself and not hand it over to another. Thoughts and behaviors of self-destruction are not native to this world. Preservation of life has always been the truth. The loss of the feminine aspect in man is why there is so much chaos in this world which has now come to a head. The earth is now calling for itself to be brought back into balance, knowing that the salvation of all life on this planet is through the restoration of the Feminine Divine, back to its original blueprint. Can you see this Truth?

We implore that you listen to our wisdom, as we trees have been here on Earth for many cycles of your (man’s) lives. We give much gratitude to you Of The Sun for your efforts in bringing the Divine Feminine Principle back to Earth to restore what has been lost for so long. Our mission is not over as we have much to do, seeing and observing all natural resources around us being exploited, siphoned and depleted, creating a frequency of desperation, that urgency to preserve life, the first Universal Law, restoring our home, Earth, back to its harmonious, habitable, existence of In La’Kesh.

Do not despair Of The Sun, as your efforts have made a significant impact on the trajectory of life as it exists on Earth. The animals, mammals, reptiles, birds, insects and more, all recognize our plight on this Earth and they are all at the forefront and ready to assist in saving Earth, our home, including those amongst the plant kingdom and water kingdom. We the trees are honored to continue to dedicate our lives to this mission.

With Honor, Respect and Gratitude,
In La’Kesh and Veritas

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