A Message From Father Tree to Of The Sun – 8.30.21

A Message From Father Tree to Of The Sun - 8.30.21

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude,

The lower vibrational frequencies of fear, worry, doubt, anger, resentment, shame, and guilt are heightened in Earth’s atmosphere. Frequencies not inherent to this land. The unprecedented, unpredictable weather changes thought of by man as an act of nature, a guise for manipulation of mass control. The truth of those hidden external forces and hidden experimentation as a means to manipulate and control, partially seen by some, the hidden truth yet to be fully revealed, experimentation with no regards to life and its natural order as it was designed in that perfect symbiotic balance, a relationship of oneness for all life, the In La’Kesh.

The Universe is looking on to see what man will do, whether he adheres to the first Universal Law of preserving life or concede to the ill forces of continued life destruction. Man has been given the gifts of free choice and free will to decide for himself what matters most in his life’s existence. Man, with his gifts of higher thought, has the ability to shift into a more harmonious life existence. Man, possessing the ability to access higher and advanced thoughts and frequencies, has the ability to examine and analyze situations with the ability to choose the salvation of life for others, a reflection of one’s own self-preservation and one’s own self-worth. Man now has to make a decision to stand up in truth or to concede to the enslavement of others.

The forgotten principles of the preservation and reverence of life, the Feminine Divine is what has been suppressed, ignored and excluded from man’s current day existence, not fully understanding that this principle is the key that will awaken all to save and restore life back onto Earth. We, trees, are offering our continuous support in restoring life on Earth back to its original intent, its original blueprint. We, trees, have the ability to communicate to all life on this planet, as we are the messengers of light, spreading the light of hope to the life that remains in existence on this Earth.

Do not despair, Of The Sun, as your existing efforts are heard amongst the galaxies. Those dark forces that have consistently raped and pillaged thru this land, Earth, then running to another land, after all resources have been completely consumed and drained, will be met with resistance from those multiple powerful forces from the Universal Council preventing its propagation. The decisions of man will be the turning point to what the future holds ahead for not only life on Earth, but to all Universal life. Continue to bring forward the Divine Feminine Power and energy, as the Universe is waiting for this correction of life restoration to take place on Earth, the place we call our home.

With Honor, Respect and Gratitude – In La’Kesh and Veritas

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