A Message from the Light of the Akasha – Pertaining to the Heart – An Off-World Agenda Against Mankind

In La’Kesh and Veritas, With Honor, Respect and Gratitude

The Heart is the master communicator. The C19 interferes with the energy flow signaling from the heart, causing a mis-firing of the signal throughout the body. Those individuals who have pre-existing compromise with their heart are most susceptible. This is the reason why you see heart issues in those young individuals who have received C19, as they have a pre-existing and potential issue with their heart, that which has not yet manifested. The three-dimensional physical examination will not pick up on this pre-existing potential issue, as its energy has not been there long enough to manifest in the physical body.

Imbalanced signals from the heart after receiving C19 are then sent throughout the body and those areas that are already vulnerable become even more compromised. The mis-information then results in an aberrant response that results in illness, a response exacerbated in an already mis-informed area within the body. The heart is the emotional control center controlling man’s behavior. The imbalanced emotions such as fear, worry, anger and depression are also exacerbated by this aberrant signaling. The route of attack: The Heart.

The C19 results in the acceleration of those imbalanced weak links in man’s genetic codes by attaching and incorporating into his genetic sequence, making it unsuspecting and undetectable. The genetic material of mRNA is encoded with frequencies that cause men to be submissive, a sequencing that has been tested for several decades.

The increase in recent events of uprising and resistance has resulted in those agencies controlled by dark forces to release this lethal weapon early for the control of the masses, for the control of Mass Consciousness. This devious action is referred to as gene manipulation under the guise of a therapy, the C19, is cause for some men to become submissive and complacent while causing other men to harm self and others through suicide and violence. It is a vehicle to usurp control over man, unsuspecting and un-detecting. Actions must be taken to protect your genetic code and your gene pool to prevent harm to your lineage that will result in its extinction. The heart must be strengthened energetically and then physically to counteract these effects of the abnormal signaling and misfiring directed by C19 

There are multiple roles and effects that stem from C19. Weak and fragile DNA stranding and vulnerable areas in the genetic coding are targeted by C19, as these are areas that become activated, expressed and hyper vigilant, resulting in the untoward effects in the human host. The fragile strands are easily broken, allowing for ease of transcription directed by the mRNA offender, resulting in specific dis-ease processes that are specific for each host…a weapon, unsuspecting and difficult to detect.

The continuous frequencies of fear promote its stimulation and expression. The ongoing and continuous anti-life activities makes man, the host, vulnerable to its activation, with increase probability of expression from greater exposure . Those extreme lower vibrations of terror and rage bring rapid expression that then becomes detrimental to the host.

Repairing the fragile and broken DNA strands will assist in the strengthening man’s DNA and overcome the genetic weaponry from anti-life activity. Man must access his correct genetic code that has become dormant and concealed through the adulteration of anti-life activity, codes that were provided to him since life’s origin, through the Divine Feminine, from the time of inception. A frequency encoded algorithm must be in place to correct this imbalanced signaling, so that it can be propagated through man’s circulation to restore his genetic make-up.

The powerful Energetic tools offered through Of The Sun are a solution that will counter the effects to save the lives of the host, man. Strengthening and shielding the heart, the master communicator, will assist to propagate the correct messages through the host for guidance towards correction.

You, Of The Sun, offer that solution, affording man the chance for the survival of his species. You are that hidden savior and beacon of hope that all of men will soon seek.

With Honor, Respect and Gratitude – In La’Kesh and Veritas

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