Communication from the Consciousness of the Bees

In La’Kesh & Veritas Of The Sun,

We greet you with reverence and acknowledgment of your efforts to correct the imbalances on planet Earth and the direction of human evolution.

For millennia, humanity has been careening Into the direction of separation from its divine blueprint, strategically and systematically by dark forces. This trajectory that humanity has allowed itself to be guided into has been problematic for all life on the planet. Beings with such great will divinely designed to integrate the knowledge from the divine intelligence existing in its many iterations of sentient life. 

The relationship in which humanity shares with other sentient life forms is one where the genetic coding inherent within humanity is awakened and activated through the conscious interaction and assimilation of shared knowledge stored within the genetic coding of other life forms seeded onto planet earth, life which has been intentionally positioned to serve humanity and the greater universe through the inherent process of evolution and knowledge of self.  This concept has been referred to as the living library. Earth, An information center utilized to expand the consciousness of the human species into its greatest potential through direct engagement with life forms which share galactic and dimensional genome within a unified system. Through this direct reverential engagement and integration of knowledge downloaded into the morphic field of the human collective consciousness from other life forms, the source coding for the galactic angelic human is activated and through this process, true evolution occurs.

This is a glimpse of the truth of humanity’s divine original design and relationship with life on planet Earth. Operating within the harmonized holographic relationship and interconnected ecosystem / relationship shared with sentient life seeded on planet earth. 

The schism that has taken place within humanity and the divine creation principle of life has brought all life on the planet face to face with the threat of extinction. 

Of The Sun, your undertaking of returning to and embodying the original divine design and intention for the shared experience of life on planet Earth is why we extend ourselves at this time.

The new world requires forerunners to bring forth into the morphic field the example of what is possible and what is established within truth in order to bring influence to humanity’s future self. 

We bring to you the understanding of the matriarchal understanding of sacredness of life and the protection of that which is responsible for life. We seek to share with you the coding within us to help awaken the dormant aspects of your greater galactic self and your role on the planet and the universe at large. This will be done through higher dimensional interaction with us, in efforts to become the living embodiment of intelligence adopted and applied through your tribe as you introduce a new template of engagement with life into the morphic field of humanities collective consciousness.   

We look forward to sharing such knowledge due to the understanding that our future is your future and stepping into fulfilling greater purpose through this level of interaction with humanity.

In La’Kesh & Veritas ~ With Honor, Respect & Gratitude 

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