Communication from the Consciousness of the Bees – pt. 2

In La’Kesh & Veritas Of The Sun ~ With Honor, Respect & Gratitude 

It is our goal to re-establish the truth of connectivity with humanity, interacting based upon the truth of divine design of both bee and human, for we are one.

The forward motion and actualization that your collective is pursuing in efforts to bring forth the new Earth requires a shift within conscious awareness of all participants. Enhanced value and clarity of soul gifts, purpose, and role within your community. 

The function and survival of our colony is dependent upon the clarity of interdependence among all respective members. Without the clarity, responsibility, and ownership of each role, we will collapse.   

Foragers for pollen and nectar: pulling forth resources that are a necessity to the existence of your colony. This is done through your unique gifts, expanding oneself beyond the environment of the colony, sourcing what is needed through your ability to forage the necessary means for your colony. 

Nurse and House Bee: tending to and cultivating the youth within your colony through the laws and principles.

Architects: building of the necessary structures and systems that are necessary to sustain the future of the colony for years to come.

Cleaners and Organizers: The importance of setting and maintaining order to your colony energetically to ensure that all goes according to plan. This is a key to keep interference minimal through your adherence to the Universal Law.

Guard: in tandem with Cleaners and Organizers, upholding the Law internally and externally to ensure the security and preservation of the colony. This is required for all members of your colony to embrace.

Queen’s Attendants: positioning of the appropriate members of your colony to be in service to the needs of the queen of your colony. This is essential due to the focus of the Queen and her crucial role which consumes time and energy. This level of consideration must be honored and adhered to for the future of the colony. 

Queen: Functioning as a vital member of the colony, the heart and mind responsible for producing and expanding the colony, its members, and power through her unceasing commitment to purpose. The replication of self, holographically instilled within each member of the colony.

As bees, there is no confusion, only clarity. This is what allows us to exist to be of service beyond self. Through operating within our divine purpose and truth of our design, we are properly positioned to be of greater service to the entirety of life existing on planet Earth. This is the natural order of things.

Of The Sun, we recommend that you step into this clarity of your role. We have made ourselves available and encourage you to call us forth to assist with bringing greater clarity to the importance of your role(s) within the colony. You may call us forth to work with you in dream time or during day hours to join in your reflective meditations. 

The embodiment of our system applied to your endeavor of creating a new earth and blueprint for humanity to follow is an integral key to your survival both physically and for the legacy of Of The Sun.

We look forward to continual relationship as you activate the holographic living coding which is shared by all life on planet Earth.

In La’Kesh & Veritas ~ With Honor, Respect & Gratitude 

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