Father Tree Communication 4/2/21

Father Tree Communication 4/2/21

In La’Kesh and Veritas – With Honor, Respect and Gratitude,

​Many changes are forth coming, as the world, earth is evolving.
An upheaval to make new, a churning of the Earth for new seeds to be planted for new life, an opportunity for change.
The revelation of the disruption of the natural laws of the universe, not flowing according to universal laws.
New seeds of new thoughts to be planted with life’s purpose.
Corrective change cannot occur until the ills of this earth are brought forward to be seen so that all can be awaken.
The truth being revealed, as we the trees are working overtime to lift the veil of those deceptive thoughts that has plagued the earth for so long.
Those deceptive thoughts invading our earth’s atmosphere, greatly affecting those who have lived on this earth the longest, an increasingly and arduous task for man to clear and deflect.
Those deceptive thoughts of man’s self-destruction, destroying life and destroying earth’s resources, resources for the living.
Thoughtless actions against self and against the earth, the result from those negative ill thoughts that invaded our atmosphere on earth.
We the trees have worked tirelessly to assist in removing those polluted thoughts as we remove CO2 from the atmosphere for the survival of man.  
The Earth is out of balance.
The imbalances of forces of the feminine and the masculine leading to the self-destruction of man and life.
We the trees have incorporated the female with the male by design and are not faced with this plight of separation and self-destruction. We are balance, we are one.
With balance comes purpose in truth, purpose with clarity.
The clarity of truth of what is important, living in correction of purpose.
It is our mission to bring balance back onto the earth for the salvation of all life.
Bringing back the feminine balance will assist to correct the trajectory of this earth to its self-destruction by man.
OTSU continues to play a major role through clearing the overburdened atmosphere of incongruent thoughts, bringing forward the rebirth of New Thoughts, Highly Vibrational Thoughts, bringing forward the oppressed feminine, an opportunity for rectification.
We the trees are honored to work with you, OSTU and all allies who are here to correct the ills of this earth plane, those ill thoughts leading to those feelings of depression, despair, guilt and self-destructing behaviors of enslavement.
Let us work together, Animal & Plant life, Man & Trees, moving together in truth, moving together with purpose, moving together for the salvation of all life on Earth.
Working together, side by side.
Embrace those loving thoughts of gratitude, strengthening our commitment to the earth, bring the life back to its original purpose.
We the trees are in much gratitude, With Honor and Respect.

In La’Kesh and Veritas,
Dr. Delilah B.

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