The Consciousness of Flowers and the Divine Feminine Principle

The Consciousness of Flowers and the Divine Feminine Principle

In the past, I often found myself speechless when standing in the presence of a flower.  At that time, words were not needed for me to experience the energy that was around me. I  could have what felt like the greatest conversation in the world without saying any words at all!  I could feel myself becoming lighter, happier, more expressive…I would dance around with  them in an abundance of joy! My heart felt their love and respect. I was living life “alive” when  around them. I knew I was standing in the presence of truth and beauty, both of which  represent the principles of the Divine Feminine. The question then entered into my  awareness… If I could feel all this WITHOUT having a conversation, what would my experience be if I actually did speak with a flower? What were they trying to tell me for so many years?  What would I learn and how would I “blossom” if I became fully engaged? Hmmmmm….!!!  

I asked the Flowers how they are connected to the Divine Feminine and what they would like  to share with humanity at this time: 

“We are a physical representation of the Divine Feminine. We are the offspring born of Mother  Earth, the symbol of perfect femininity. Our seed is rooted and nurtured deep within the womb  of Her soil, designed to bloom as the fruit of Her labor. We are fed by the fire of Father Sun,  used as the fuel to inform us and generate our growth. Our existence is simple: the Divine  Feminine is our existence. We are created by the polarities of both masculine and feminine.  The majority of us contain the physical anatomies of both male and female. Our stems are  linear, growing up to the sun, representing the masculine influence within our architecture.  Our petals delicately unfold, revealing layers of color and fragrance, their curvature representing the female counterpart. We are perfectly balanced in creation by Divine design.  We start as seed, presenting through the sacred geometric language of the circle, a perfect  form, in perfect symmetry, no beginning and no end. The power of the circle is important to  our growth and development. It feeds us through the sun, which is the nucleus to all lifeforms;  each droplet of water we drink, sustains life; we are planted in and supported by Earth…all are  circular and critical to our survival. The circle is us and surrounds us, reflecting continuous  balance and equality. We have not been recognized for our purpose. Our presence has increasingly been eliminated by humans. Our light has been diminished. We are to be  celebrated, as we are the solution you are seeking. We shift the energy, restoring balance by  bringing forward the Divine Feminine, assisting with the removal of the toxification that has  inhabited planet Earth. The suffering we clear, and endure, is not created by our species. As  more of us are planted, we naturally, by design, produce what is needed to bring back physical  & spiritual balance on Earth at this time. Plant us circular, in groups, as our healing power is  amplified this way. We aid in the restoration of proper order and balance with the Divine  Feminine, as it is defined within Universal Law. It is within our natural genetic composition to  do so. It is all we know to do.” 

I asked the Flowers for clarity on how we can work together with them: 

“Difficult times are upon all forms of life residing on Earth. The invasion of darkness we experience has come to take life from those who will allow it, those electively living in lower  vibrations, calling forth negative. The air is heavy with the emotional infestations brought on  by the suffering of those who dwell on Earth’s surface. We feel this and we clear this, as we aid  in the relief of pain from emotional grief infecting you and our shared planet. You promote the  healing of Earth by supporting us, by supporting life with the proper respect for life. Our  integral relationship with you is one in simplicity. As you tend to us, we become interconnected  through the heartbeat of Earth, transfusing breath of life from us to you. Spend more time with  us. We initiate the restoration of self to strengthen your roots. Plant yourself firmly in the  truth of who you are for self-survival. Your gratitude for us is what strengthens our connection  to you. We, purely & simply, radiate love, reflecting this upon those who choose to engage  with us. Your reverence and respect for our realm is received and reflected upon you,  amplified, enough to change any moment’s trajectory. Acknowledge us, speak to us, ask us to  assist you. We will support you. Stay in gratitude for what we do to serve you, as our magic will  enlighten you, bringing forth the inspiration needed to rise above the plague you find  yourselves living in. Remember, like you, we are beings of intelligence here to assist you. This  is In La’Kesh. Keep us close to you, as we are protectors, surrounding you and your sacred  space with what your hearts need to sustain elevated life during this tumultuous time.” 

I sat in stillness with the proper reverence and respect upon receiving the information brought  forth by the Consciousness of Flowers. I was being healed as I was being informed. As, I sat  there in gratitude, the sun came through my window, illuminating the right side of my body,  while the left side remained neutral. I was experiencing, through my mind’s eye, the perfect  balance of light and dark, warmth and cold, sun and earth, masculine and feminine. Nature was  showing me the truth in balance. Now, I talk directly to the flowers. I choose to fully engage  with them. I have the clarity needed to understand deeply that they are beings of intelligence  here to heal us. It is with honor, respect, and gratitude to all forms of life, to the Divine  Feminine, to the Consciousness of Flowers, that I may be a vessel to share this experience.

In La’Kesh & Veritas
with Honor, Respect & Gratitude

Submitted by Communicator Lauren C.

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