Dimensional Triangle Doorway


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All mystical teachings incorporate the power of three within their domain. Three represents the unity of things – spiritual, mental, and physical – beauty, strength, and wisdom – strength, mastery, and power. Nowhere is this concept more evident than in the power of three contained in the triangle.


The triangle represents the angles that allow entry to other kingdoms, as it provides a corridor for the great realms of magic to merge at a central location. Other dimensions can be seen from the center of the triangle. The green, red, and blue colors of the Dimensional Doorway  have been chosen for the their special attributes:


  • Green – growth, harmony, fertility
  • Red – energy, strength, determination, passion
  • Blue – depth, stability, wisdom, confidence, loyalty


Your senses, especially your second sight, can find magical success when they perceive these other kingdoms and dimensions through the angles and colors of this unique triangle.

Remember: other dimensions are askance of your center of being and must be approached from an angular direction.


Communication from the Consciousness of Dimensional Triangle Doorway

I am your doorway to the past, present, and future. A galactic transporter to outer and inner dimensional realms. Guiding the soul on a galactic journey sourced in truth. Cloaked in light. Swathed in protection. Integrating into the fabric of the energy bodies of those that utilize me. Leaving the lower levels of reality at bay. For an exploration worthy of shifting the souls internal and external universe.

In La’Kesh & Veritas.



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Insignia Card, 3ft Rug, Travel Fleece


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