Quantum Light Property Clearing – Level II


The second installment of the Quantum Light Property Clearing Series dives deeper into the details of clearing vehicles, electronic devices, and documents, items that are extensions of ourselves, with which we have deep connections to and effect our energies profoundly.

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Quantum Light Property Clearing – Level II

Vehicles, Devices, Documents & Pushing Events

This class is intended to assist you in making a quantum leap in your understanding and power, using the most current information and techniques utilizing quantum physics and the morphogenetic resonance field to disburse energetic residue left on places and spaces.

Everything has consciousness. All living things, human, creature, and vegetation exist within relationship, or holographically, within the space they occupy.

These relationships are symbiotic and hold the energy of the occupants, accumulated through historical imprints, antique furniture, ancestral story, emotion, prolonged illness, and all manner of activity.

In this second installment of the Quantum Light Property Clearing Series, you will learn practical effective methods of:

  • Harmonizing and balancing vehicles & electronic devices with which we have deep connections to, that effect our energies profoundly.
  • Clearing documents.
  • Pushing Events, a practice used to assist one in the forward motion and manifestation of events that promote one’s best and highest good, in all areas of our landscape.
  • Diving deeper into the details associated with Quantum Light Property & Vehicle Clearing
  • …and so much more!

Virtual Class – $1500

This includes access to our virtual classroom for the duration of the course and a hard copy of the flip-chart needed for class.

Audit Class – $500

Must be a certified Quantum Light Property Clearer – Level II

*There is an additional $75 for hard copy of flip-chart.


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Taught by Instructor, Tarvars Of The Sun

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