Advanced Soul Clearing


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Communication from the Consciousness of Advanced Soul Clearing Crop Circle

I am an aid for those who would like to go deeper in their exploration in all manners of their Soul Clearing. I assist with moving the light coded dimensional information of the Soul Clearing deeper into the Quantum aspect of your being. A reinforcement during and after your Soul Clearing process. An aid to help move through conscious & unconscious resistance to the Soul Clearing process so that one may align with being at a pitch of 100% acceptance and integration of the clearing.


Use me as a seed of connectivity to your past Soul Clearing. calling forth the memory of the clarity and cleanliness of your previous Soul Clearing experience that has been integrated into your field through tapping into the memory of your cells and atoms on the Quantum level.


An aid to overcome and correct negative motivators programmed and imprinted onto the soul, thus assisting in helping change your trajectory through the use of your free will to match the energy at the Quantum level, reflected through the clarity of one’s thoughts, emotions, and actions.


In La’Kesh & Veritas

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Insignia Card, 3ft Rug, Travel Fleece


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